Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why Did The Cowboy Want To Get A Dachshund?

So, about that driveway I shoveled yesterday.  It's covered again!  Maybe I'll break out the shovel sometime today....
Buster's enjoying himself.  Little man is running around the backyard like a bucking bronco. It's fun to watch him romp in the snow.
Sister's been lounging on the couch with me.  She's my little buddy!
Kyle took the 4WD vehicle today, leaving me officially snowed in.  In keeping with the theme of past snow days, I've productive today.  First, I made an appointment for the dogs to get their teeth cleaned. I've been meaning to do this for a month now- they have terrible breath.  Think trashcan at a sea food restaurant meets ten-day-old deer carcass.  No joke.  Many people brush their pup's teeth, but Sissy won't even open her mouth for us.  It's a little dog thang.  I also wrote a birthday card for my father-in-law.  The front of the card had a dachshund dressed as a cowboy and question in the title of this post: "Why did the cowboy want to get a dachshund?" Be sure to say the answer with a Southern twang:   "To get a long little doggie." After that I got moving on my New Year's Resolution to learn how to make something.

I browsed the course catalog for the Columbia Career Center.  CCC is a place people go to develop skills for their employment or take classes for personal enrichment.  The first class that caught my eye was cheese making.  It was affordable, met two nights in April, and at the end I would have the skills and materials to make my own cheese.  I've wanted to learn cheese making since reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.
Unfortunately, when I went to register for the class- it was full.  Major bummer.  For now, I am #3 on the wait list!   I was able to register for DIY: Residential Energy Conservation. It's a free class and meets two nights in March.  What'd you bet I'm the only girl in the class? That everything they talk about will be over my head?  I'll be sure to take good notes so that for next year's gift exchange I can gift someone an energy audit. There were a few other classes I was interested in- Showgirl Cardio, Introduction to Clogging, and Spring Forsest Qigong Level 1, but they all conflicted with work commitments.  SHUCKS! 

For breakfast today I had Stonyfield blueberry yogurt with granola and flax seed and a Cascadian Farm white chocolate chip granola bar.  Hope you're enjoying this snowy day!

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