Sunday, January 13, 2013

Toddler Update

Words: duck, dog, dad, door, gat (meaning 'that' which is accompanied by pointing), owl
Sounds: mmmm (cow), *pants* (dog), 'ho, ho, ho,'  'ah, ah, ah' (monkey), 'rrrrrr' (car, train, motorcycle), 'hoo' (owl)
Body parts he can identify on himself: foot, nose, head, tummy
Songs he knows the motions for: Wheels on the Bus (wheels go round and round, wipers go swish, swish, swish, doors go open and shut).  He knows to move his hands for the Eensy Weensy Spider, but doesn't really know what moves to do.
Physical milestones: He can get off the couch all by himself by getting on his belly and scooting backwards, he helps getting dressed by pulling his arms and legs out/in his clothes when its appropriate, starting to run, lifting the flaps in lift the flap books (and also ripping the flaps off, but that's not something we're too proud of), beginning to climb (he put his leg up on the bathtub like he was trying to climb in the other night).
Drinking and eating:  J is a milk maniac- he guzzles milk a handful of times a day.  He has stopped nursing completely as of January 11!  I wanted to continue, but he wasn't interested, so instead of forcing it, I followed his cues and let it go.  Food-wise, this kid is his mother's child- he'll eat any fruit or veggie.  He downs whole bananas, avocados, pears, clementines.  Goes wild with blackberries, squash, and raspberries.  However, meat and grains are tough to get down his gullet.  He does enjoy ham (and bratwurst according to the babysitter), but that's about it.  I actually have to trick him to eat chicken or beef by putting a small piece of it with a piece of fruit.  Probably not the best flavor combination, but this boy needs iron!  To supplement his diet, his doctor recommended giving him a vitamin.  I couldn't find a vitamin for children under two, so he is getting 4 to 8 ounces of toddler formula each day.  We refer to it as a 'shake.' 
Obsessions: owls, spoons, cups, eating crayons, stacking knocking over blocks, his red wagon, balls, and lastly, anything you are not supposed to touch including but not limited to: pots with glass lids, electrical outlets, the drawer under the oven, dog bowls, & blinds.
Annoyances: the dogs licking his face, wearing hats, shoes, or socks, getting his diaper changed, brushing his teeth.
What we're working on: naming more body parts, identifying colors, matching based on color, throwing balls, sitting still so mommy can take a picture of him smiling!