Monday, January 10, 2011

Sous-Chef In The House

I'll be honest- I don't do much cooking around the house.  I leave for work before Kyle and get home an hour after him, so he ends up doing most of the cooking in the house.  I'm more of the sous-chef.  I clean, peel, cut, shred- all of that good stuff.  I was thankful tonight that Kyle and I had planned out our menu for the week because when 6:30 rolled around as we were watching Mad Men I asked Kyle, "So, am I just going to snack all night?"  Knowing that meant eating everything in the pantry- he jumped up and looked at the menu.  Then said, "We can either have trout or beef stir fry with oranges."  It was easiest to defrost the beef, so we went with that one.  I was a jolly sous-chef preparing the ingredients Kyle needed to make the stir fry all while singing a song about Kyle to the tune of Mr. Grinch!  The fresh ingredients that went into this stir fry were two oranges and four scallions.  Today has been such an ORANGE day!
 The finished dish, served with brown rice is quite tasty and very filling.  I only ate one bowl.  This stir fry sure is a step up from the orange chicken I used to chow down on at Panda Express. 
Tonight's dinner was a yummy success, and tomorrow night I am on my own for making dinner.  That's because I have a SNOW DAY tomorrow.  Being a teacher rocks!  I'm planning to make a meatless dish for dinner while still making sure it has an adequate amount of protein.  Along with cooking, I also plan on cleaning the house tomorrow and finishing up some books.  Right now I am reading 3 books.  YUCK!  I much prefer monogamy when it comes to books, but alas, I am reading Basket Case by Carl Hiassen, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, and Food Matters by Mark Bittman.  Tomorrow I plan to either finish these books or put them back on the shelf for another time.  Can't wait to sleep in tomorrow!  Jealous?

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