Monday, January 3, 2011

Buster's New Toy

Dachshunds were bred to hunt badgers.  They would burrow into a badger hole and fight the creature till its death.  Buster has all of this Dachshund persistence and more.  He obsesses over things- namely toys and people.  Until recently, we haven't been able to find a toy he couldn't destroy.  Even toys scoring 9 out of 10 on the durability scale and costing $12.  No, those toys were literally ripped to shreds in an hour or two.  This is why we bought Sissy for Buster; surely he wouldn't rip her to shreds in an hour.  And he hasn't, but with winter in full force Buster needed more exercise than he could get by running around the house with Sis, so we decided to try another toy.  This toy was dirt cheap, bought at Petsmart at an after Christmas sale.  We've been playing fetch for about 20 minutes each day in the house since buying the toy last week.  Buster LOVES it and does a good job retrieving the ball and dropping it for us to throw again. Here he is waiting patiently for dog dad to throw his newest obsession.
 He's off!
 Brought it back, but not ready to give it up.
 Waiting for Kyle to pick it up and throw it again. I'm amazed at how nice it still looks.  The stuffing is STILL inside of the toy along with the squeaker.  Miracle. 
 Sissy is slightly interested in the toy, but mostly she hangs out watching Buster act crazy with it.
Update on the People Towel experience:  I've had the towel at work for two days now. The first day, I found myself down in the lounge or far away from my desk whenever I needed a towel.  I ended up using it only one time.  But hey, that saved one or two paper towels, right?  Today, I used the towel twice.  An improvement!  My goal for tomorrow is to use the towel 3 times.


  1. We need that toy too! Bentley is so much like Buster!

  2. Their little doxie spirits are connected! Crazy, crazy dogs.