Monday, June 27, 2011

Week 23: Giant Stuffed Horse

Whew!  My relaxing summer life sure turned into work really fast during these past two weeks.  I started a graduate class last Monday and tutored on top of that- leading to 10 hour days and me being really cranky.  The long hours were torture on my emotions/hormone levels, but I did have a hilarious moment last week where I was standing with all of my new classmates in the sunshine.  I was hot, worn out, and thirsty.  Someone bumped into me on accident, and it triggered a rise in the 'weeping-baby' hormone (whichever one that is).  So I moved out of the way from this person and hid my sadness behind my sunglasses, telling myself over and over again, "DO NOT CRY IN FRONT OF THESE PEOPLE.  THEY DON'T KNOW YOU. THEY'LL THINK YOU'RE WEAK.  DO NOT CRY."  My self-coaching worked, and I remained dry eyed.  I can only hope I'll be as lucky next time. The class in general has been tough, but we've learned so much valuable content in just 5 days.   I hope to be a kick-a$$ science teacher by the end of it!  This class has not been the only thing consuming my life these past two weeks.  Enter: Baby Bargains. 
Last week, Kyle and I read through every type of baby item in this book, chose the one we thought would work best for our little babe, researched it further on Amazon, and put it on our registry.  We spent hours on this each night, and are really excited about the baby gear we've chosen- everything on McBabe's wish list will be used A LOT.  I'm putting the final items on it this week and will hopefully post links to it next week! 
Sneak peak of a practical item on the registry: giant stuffed horse!
Other than the mood swings, I've been feeling pretty good.   Although just when I think my stomach can't get any bigger; it does.  It's so crazy to me how at 13 weeks I was like, "OMG, I'm getting so big!"  Now, 10 weeks later, I feel like my stomach is going to split open and everything is going to fall out.   It's a great feeling.  However, I have been happier with my maternity clothes.  Last weekend, I invested in 3 t-shirts and a trendier top from GAP Maternity and a Bella Band from Cotton Babies.  I think everyone should have a Bella Band for Thanksgiving or just a trip to Olive Garden.  Imagine all the salad and breadsticks you could eat with your pants unzipped.  The never-ending pasta bowl could truly never end! There's just so much more room with the button undone and the zipper unzipped!  The babe is totally enjoying his bigger room.  With all the kicks and punches he throws, I can tell he's having a blast.  : )

Have a good week!

Brenda, Kyle, and the mango (as opposed to this Mango)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Week 21: We're Having a Boy!!!!

Start buying peepee teepees and sports gear cause it's a boy!  We are thrilled to share the first ultrasound pictures of our baby!  Above, you've got a great view of his tush and equipment.
Side profile- his hand is sticking up above his belly (I already have this picture framed in the living room!)
Top view of his hand next to his head
Another side view of his tummy and legs
The ultrasound technician said that the baby weighs 12 ounces and is so far healthy!  After getting the all clear with the babe's health, we had her tell us the gender and show us proof. We are elated to be welcoming a little boy into the family! As far as names go, we would tell you if we knew.  I had girl names that I LOVED, ADORED, and couldn't wait to use; boy names for me are just 'eh.'  So we'll likely be ruminating on them for quite a while.  Well, now it's time to work on the nursery, finish up the registry, and get all DIY crazy with a memory book!

Impulse Buys

After yesterday's drama, I had to leave the house.  I locked the dogs in their kennels without blankets (as a punishment) and headed out the door with a few errands to run.  I hit up Old Navy first excited to try on some maternity clothes and use a Groupon.  Well, the maternity clothes were a bust- they were all too big in the bump area and were just generally shapeless.  Again, I looked chubs instead of pregs.  No worries- I did buy this swim suit.  I like to think of this impulse buy as a combination of overconfidence and denial.
 My total out of pocket for it was 79 cents.  Heck ya, I didn't even need to use the debit card!  Total (including what I paid for the Groupon): $10.79.  Not bad for a swim suit.   BTW, if you have a pool, invite me over.  You'll def. be able to tell I'm pregnant. 

After fun at ON, I headed to Target; their maternity selection is disgusting.  I seriously curse under my breath every  time I go there.  Why did it seem like they had cute maternity clothes when I wasn't pregnant and now that I am their clothes are gross?  *end rant*  Next stop, Motherhood Maternity. They actually have really cute clothes; I was trying on dresses and expressed to the sales girl about my disdain for shapeless maternity clothes.  So she picked out two dresses for me. WOW, she got it on the mark; I went from showing off nothing, to showing off every curve.  The dress (imagine it in solid black) was like wearing a glove.  Perfectly formfitting. I couldn't tell if it was cute or completely trashy, but I didn't want to hurt the sales girl's feelings so I put it on hold and told her I *might* be back for it on Thursday.  

I then found myself in Marshall's (always save the best for last!) returning a few regular shirts I had bought.  Then of course I had to browse their home goods section.  I seriously love everything thing there.  Found a rug that would be PERFECT for a girl's nursery, a comforter that I had to restrain myself from buying("You already have two" repeated over and over in my mind), and then cushions for outdoor furniture.  I couldn't resist these cushions. 
 The ones on our set now look nice, but we I made the mistake of keeping them out in the elements from July 2009 till, um, now.

That's almost two years worth of wind, rain, spiders, birds, and everything else yucky on them.  Even though I've hosed them off, I still think they are disgusting and put down a beach towel before sitting in them.  Psycho, right?  Old cushions out, furniture washed with dish soap and warm water, and it's time to say hello to these babies.
 Love the sea foam coral print and how cushy these are! Also, I've learned my lesson and will bring in the cushions when they're not being used.  Hopefully this will keep them in good shape and keep Kyle and I out on our patio more enjoying the backyard!

P.S.  Ultrasound update and pictures are coming later... after I've figured out how to scan in the 'money shot!'

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Farewell Peter Cottontail

When we got home from vacation on Sunday, Kyle and I traipsed around our backyard looking at all the ways it had changed.  The garden had grown- pole beans were climbing; tomato plants had flowers.  Lilies were open all over the yard- Easter, Tiger, Trumpet.  Beauty was all around.  Looking in the flower beds we noticed a pile of dirt.  Being a moron, I asked, "Kyle, did you put that dirt there?"  Kyle looked at me with a "why the heck would I have done that" look and shook his head.  Mysterious, until we walked a little further and saw a teenage bunny run out of the bushes.  The dogs saw this bunbun too and took off after it.  We were cracking up as the bunny went under the fence to safety and the dogs paced the fence fascinated by the living toy.  Yesterday was free of rabbit sitings.  Today? Well, today was traumatic. 
Here's how it went down.  Like any good stay-at-home dog mom, I attend to my fur-childrens' needs throughout the day so when Buster scratched at the back door, I thought "sure, lets go outside and play."  So Sissy, Bustamove, and I went outside to play in the backyard.  We were out for a good 15 minutes when I saw both dogs tear across the yard.  HILARIOUS.  Then I realized they were chasing a rabbit; the pursuit lasted for about a minute before the dogs lost the bun.  Ever obsessive, the dogs ran up and down the fence line, darting in and out of flower beds searching for their play toy.  They were adorable prancing and sniffing and running; getting good exercise too!  I was standing by the garden when Buster spotted the rabbit and took off after it.  They made it to the other side of the yard when I heard the noises and made some of my own screaming "NO BUSTER, NO!!!"  He looked up at me with the whole rabbit in his mouth!   I'm not sure what I thought he would do when he got the rabbit, tap it's ear with his paw and say "tag, you're it?"  Notice how in this picture he has brought the rabbit onto the porch.  WHY IS HE SMILING?! OMG!!!!
  One thing was for sure, I felt terrible that my dog-son had just murdered an innocent creature.  I FREAKED OUT and called Kyle (no answer), then Rita (answer).  As I spoke to Rita, Buster roamed the fenceline looking for another victim.  Always wise, my sister instructed me on how to teach Buster a lesson. Thus punishment time began- I had to pick up the little corpse and shove it in his face yelling like a crazy about how bad of a dog he was.  I stopped short of tying the rabbit to his neck for the whole day to shame him.  

Monday, June 13, 2011

Smell Buster's Collar

On the last day of school, I was given a few tokens of appreciation.  Gift cards, a cookie mix, a planter, and  a few thank you notes.  My favorite was from a student who I'd taught for two years (both 2nd and 3rd grade).  I love so many things about this card but I especially love how it seems unprompted by her parents, like she wanted to make the card.  Here's what it said (I like to think the first line meant to say, "I'll miss being in your class.")
"Dear Mrs. Mc,  I'll miss not being in your class.  I hope I'll get to see your baby!  I wonder if your baby will like books just like you!  I hope your dogs Buster and Sophie will injoy your baby too!  Have a great summer!  I'll really miss you! From, E"
 The picture is beyond adorable.  I wonder if Buster's glasses are for distance or reading.  Also, what's he hiding under that hat?  Of course, my favorite part is the baby in it's crib.  Def. brought a tear to my eye and made me gasp when I saw it! 

P.S.  If your wondering, the collars smell like vanilla. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 21: It's Going to be EPIC

A few weeks ago, Kyle and I were at the movie theater when a preview came on for a movie called One Day.   It's about two people Dexter and Emma who only had one date- on the night of their college graduation.  Dexter and Em are revisited each year on the same date to see where they are in their lives. They are sometimes together, sometimes not, on that day.  The trailer for the movie brought me to tears!   I love that Emma is a teacher who wants to make a difference, then when they show Dexter with a baby, I just lose it.   Thus, I have my first pregnancy craving:  this freaking movie.  I must see it (and bring an entire box of tissues).
Obviously, the hormones are raging over here.  I like to think in a good, sensitive way, but Kyle might tell a different story.  We have our first ultrasound appointment on Wednesday morning; I can't believe I'm halfway through this journey, and I haven't even seen the baby yet!  Part of me loves this- the baby could be a boy or girl-I have NO IDEA.   The main reason we haven't had an ultrasound yet is that I elected to forgo the tests for Down's, spina bifida, etc.  When I asked the NP the benefits of these tests, she just told me it was so I could know.  I personally didn't want to know at 12 weeks whether my child had a serious condition.  Knowing that would make this pregnancy hard and even sad for me so we didn't find out anything.  However, I'm fully aware that this baby could be born with challenges; we will deal with those when we get to it.  All that to say, the other part of me is apprehensive for what we might find at Wednesday's ultrasound.  One thing is certain: once I see my baby on the screen- I will bawl.  :  )

Onto a lighter (or maybe a heavier?) subject: my main goal with this pregnancy has been to grow a healthy baby.  My second goal is to be a cute pregnant lady.  You know, the one you see that makes you go, "Aw!"  I saw one such pregnant chica this weekend, and it was not in the mirror!   Needless to say, I've decided to take it up a notch with my pregnant lady style.  I think the biggest issue has been that I've been wearing shirts made for regular people, so I just look like I am a normal person with a big stomach.  I'm going to try to find some maternity shirts to show off a cute belly instead of just wearing baggy regular shirts. The real challenge will be dressing myself for a wedding this weekend.  The first dress I tried on was a regular dress I own.  It fits and actually looks cute from the front. However, from the side, "GEEYIKES!"  Def. can't tell I'm pregs, just "too big for the dress."  Dress number two didn't even zip all the way up!   As you can imagine, I was insulted by this.  So I shimmied into dress number three: a maternity dress.  It is ADORABLE, but feels like too much fabric and makes me look a lot farther a long than 21 weeks!  Alas, I'm left scratching my head wondering what to wear. 

Last night around 10:40, I felt a HUGE kick.  So I put my hand on my stomach and sure enough- I could feel the kick from the outside!  I immediately rushed into our bedroom (startling a sleeping Kyle) and said, "YOU CAN FINALLY FEEL HIM KICK!"  The babe gave a good half dozen karate kicks!  Coolest thing ever!  It made me realize I had only felt slight movements before, never serious martial arts moves.  I see how these can keep you up at night!

I hope to update the blog later this week with the big gender reveal!  Until then, I'm off to live the good life- yoga, reading, shopping, naps, tutoring, eating.  I just might get used to summer!

Week 20: Vacation in the Deep South

When school let out on June 3, I was ecstatic.  Not to get rid of the kids or to not have to work for two months, but because I would finally get out of the sweltering heat of my second floor classroom (which thankfully was only terrible that last week!).  On that Friday, Kyle and I also packed up the family and drove to St. Louis.  We dropped the fur-children off at his parents house and then headed to my family home to sleep for a few hours before waking at 3:30 to hit the road for Charleston.  The 14 hour drive was a-okay, even for a pregnant lady. 

We arrived in Low Country just in time for dinner.  (Great timing, right?)  Our first taste of Charleston was at a restaurant that uses all local ingredients called The Glass Onion.  At Rita's recommendation, I ordered the SC Fried Quail with SC melon and braised greens.  This meal was all it took to rekindle my romance with southern cuisine.  Thus began a week of eating AMAZING food and trying a plethora of 'different food.'  I wanted to take pictures of all the food, but couldn't bring myself to do it!    I'm hoping all of this adventurous eating rubs off on little McBaby as according to one of my many weekly pregnancy newsletters, he/she is gulping down amniotic fluid to practice swallowing and digestion.  The coolest part is that the babe's taste buds actually work and studies have shown that after birth babies respond best to the tastes they've already had via amniotic fluid.  That means little McBaby will respond well to grits, octopus salami, headcheese, pufferfish, and she crab soup!  All five of which were new culinary experiences for me on the trip.  I must have watched too many episodes of No Reservations before we left because I was waaaay more adventurous than usual! 

In addition to all the eating and eating and eating, we
toured Ft. Sumter

visited a plantation and saw lots of alligators
played at Folly Beach 

 met our dog-niece, Stella   
She's a keeper!
searched for birds 
(okay, mostly Kyle did this)
Yup, this is what birdwatching looks like.  South Carolina was full of different species Kyle had never seen before, so he spent hours looking for all of them!  All in all, the vacation was successful for bird watching; my favorite was seeing a group of 22 wood storks flying over the marsh!   

My sixth trip to Charleston was fantastic.  It's crazy to think the next time I go, it will be with a baby in my arms instead of my stomach! 

Check out the week 20 bump picture. Clearly, I will be rocking my non-maternity two-piece all summer.  :  )