About Me

There's a baby in the house! However, this blog has been going on since September 2010, so there are older posts full of my ramblings!  Expect to roll your eyes and sigh a lot if you so choose to read them. 
 At this point the About Me section will take on a list format.
*The documentary Food, INC. changed the way I buy food.  Since Jan 2010 I've tried my best to support local farmers as well as companies that support sustainable practices.
*I've had many pets in my day.  Currently, I own to two dogs and four birds.
*Missouri has been my home for 26 years.
*I love plants.  I always feel so successful when they bloom!
*Once upon a time, I watched America's Top Model.  Religiously.  Don't I look like a top model in this picture?  That's what I was going for, anyway.
*Pictures with people in them are my favorite.  I find nature scenes and picture of buildings boring.
*I love going on cruises but also dig road trips.
*As an elementary teacher, I do my best to set a good example for the kiddos.
*I saw lupines for the first time five years ago and am amazed by their beauty.  No, I don't know what I'm doing in this picture.
 *I wish I had someone to look at every outfit I wore and tell me how to change it to make it look better.
*Winnie the Pooh is not something adults should have on their clothing.
*My hair is curly; I still haven't figured out how to manage it.
*I dream about my wedding cake: amaretto cake with raspberry filling.  Our top layer was still good on our first anniversary!
 *My gym called me twice last year and asked me why they hadn't seen me in a while.  Was there something they could change to make the gym better so I would come back?  Um, no, I'd just been lazy.
*Something has to entertain me when I'm working out indoors.  People magazine is the usual 'go to' for me.
*Thanks to the documentary Flow, I haven't had a plastic bottle of water since February 2010.   Okay, I've had two since then.  Once on the day of James' birth, the other was a day of an all school picnic. 
*I've tried and failed at yoga, but still want to try it again.