Sunday, January 9, 2011

Am I Doing This Right?

Over winter break and at work last week, I noticed something.  Most women wear their wedding band in front of their engagement ring.  I asked one friend about it, and she said, "You got engaged first, then got married.  So the engagement ring should be on the finger first, then the wedding band.  I've been wearing my rings the opposite way- band first, then engagement ring.  Which leads me to wonder, have I been wearing my rings wrong for three years?  Followed by, why didn't anyone tell me?
 I had a late lunch today.  In an effort to complete my FOOD RAINBOW, I had blueberry Stonyfield yogurt with granola, two kiwi, and chips and salsa (I was waaay too optimistic with the apple in the picture, it didn't get eaten!).  Salsa was the red of my rainbow instead!
 Dinner was homemade fish chowder.  It's a Robin Miller recipe and one of my favorite soup recipes.  It looks and tastes like it has heavy cream in it, but is actually a low-fat soup.  Robin Miller's recipes are often low-fat and high taste.  Must be why we have all of her cookbooks!  : )
After dinner I enjoyed some Julie's Organic Cookies and Cream ice cream.  So yum.  Unfortunately, the ice cream didn't add anything to my food rainbow.  By the end of the day, I had eaten 5 out of the 7 colors.  Darn you indigo and violet! 

I'm wondering: if you have a wedding band and engagement ring, how do you wear them?  Have I actually been wearing mine incorrectly for three years?


  1. My wedding band is under, and I have a very thin, no bling, one that fits like a puzzle piece into my engagement ring. I think some people think I'm still just engaged because I don't have some huge wedding band. Whatever! Usually the engagement ring is bigger, so I put it on top to keep my smaller band from falling off :)

  2. I wear the band first and then the engagement ring on top of it. I've read that you are supposed to wear the band closer to your heart, cheesy as that sounds.

  3. Yep, I've also heard that the wedding ring is supposed to be closer to your heart.