Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Farmer's Market Trip of 2011

This morning Kyle and I did something we always say we'll do, but never get around to actually doing; we planned out our meals for the week.  After pouring over our Martha Stewart and Robin Miller cookbooks, we had our meals picked out and a grocery list. We were planning to go straight to the grocery store, when  I remembered the farmer's market was on the way.  We stopped by to see what was for sale at the indoor market.  I was SHOCKED by how much was available in January.  I even saw a tomato!   We bought two things that were on our list: eggs and sweet potatoes and one thing that wasn't: arugula.
Excited about my fresh ingredients, I got right to work making sweet potato pancakes for lunch.  After peeling sweet potatoes, I was challenged with the task of shredding them.  Normally, I use a cheese grater like this, but today I tried out the shredder attachment for my Cuisinart food processor.  In 20 seconds, my one pound sweet potato turned into this gloriousness. 
 After mixing in a few ingredients, I began frying the pancakes.
 Twenty minutes later, I had 12 delectable sweet potato pancakes.  I ate four of them for lunch with some low-fat sour cream  It was an amazing!  I definitely need to eat these more often!
After lunch, Kyle and I took Buster on a walk at Forum Nature area.  It was FREEZING, but we had to get our little guy out of the house because he was going CRAZY.   He pulled me the entire time, but it was worth it because he was happily worn out on the car ride home.
 I rocked the skinny jean and tennis shoe look.  This is the style, right?  lol
 All in all, it was a great Saturday morning and afternoon.  Now I'm looking forward to a night of lounging on the couch with Kyle and the pups.  Netflix here we come!

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