Saturday, January 8, 2011

A New Way To Eat Dinner

If there were an award for World's Best Dog Mom, I most certainly would NOT get it.  My dog children are not well-adjusted nor are they well-behaved around strangers.  Their bad behavior, mainly Buster's, is augmented by them being cooped up everyday when it's below freezing outside.  Buster has a dreadful case of cabin fever. It's so bad that every time he looks at me his eyes plead, "Will you play with me?"  I LOVE playing with my pup, but I can only do it for so long~ 30 min/day.   I would LOVE to go on a walk with my little Buster, but he pulls so hard on the leash that his paws to bleed.  Plus, I leave for work when the sun comes up and come back home well after it's set- leaving no time to go for walk.  Walking the dog outside all by myself at night is not an option- I get scared too easily- embarrassing, but true.

Kyle and I were so desperate to placate Buster today that we let Busty destroy his snowflake toy.  We thought if he destroyed it, he'd stop bothering us to throw it to him.  Wrong.  He destroyed it, we threw it away, and he kept whining for the toy.  Jumping at the cabinet we stored it on and whining- it was just as annoying as it sounds. After a morning of Buster bothering us, we knew we had to do something- for our mental health as well as his.  So after our walk we went to our favorite local pet store in Columbia: Lizzi and Rocco's Natural Pet Market.  After talking with Jessica, one of the store's owners, we decided to get Buster an interactive food dispenser.  We went with the Bob-A-Lot.  It was super easy to fill with Buster's food.  I just unscrewed the top and put the food in so simple!  Then I put the Bob-A-Lot on the ground and the real fun began!
Here's a video of him eating treats so you can see how it works.   Buster had a blast with this toy.  And his dinner- which he usually eats in 10 seconds, was slowly consumed over a period of 10 minutes.  Just as advertised- Buster was a "Pet Gone Mild."  We plan on feeding Buster his dinner in this every night with the hopes that it will keep him too occupied to scratch on the door or jump up at us as we eat.  I told you my fur child wasn't well-adjusted or well-mannered, but he is cute and hopefully with the Bob-A-Lot, he will be happier during this long, cold winter!

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  1. I can relate on the "annoying" dog front. My dog is even AKC registered as a pet therapy dog-ok so he trained and passed the test but is no way qualified to act like a professional in public! He's tiny but can destroy any toy you put in front of him-it's crazy!