Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Poison Windows!

Jackpot. Bus Stop. *any other random word.*  What game do these come from?  That'd be four square- played with 8 year-olds.  I was invited to play four square today and knew I'd be awesome at it- I rocked it back in the day.  However, back in the day (90s) there were rules to four square.  For example, if the ball bounced twice in your square- you're out.  These days?  No no- you can yell out any random phrase, poison windows for example, and make a up a rule to go with it so that you can stay in the game.  Times are a changing.... I secretly want to play all of the games at recess- soccer, Warriors (a role-play game where everyone gets to be a cat), and monkey bars.  Most of all, I want to play tether ball; it looks like an amazing arm workout. 

I can't describe how thankful I am for my job.  It is truly the only reason I am able to stay in shape.  There is literally no time to snack at work.  So, I have my breakfast (an orange) and lunch (yogurt, granola, carrots, hummus, and an apple) and I'm good till dinner!  Love being too busy to snack all day long! Here's the grub that awaited me on the kitchen table when I arrived home from work: one buffalo taco with all the fixings, an orange, kiwi, and milk.  This dinner was much more my style than yesterday's meal.
What was your favorite recess game back in the day?

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