Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Shower Curtain

Today standing in the check out line of Old Navy, a parent from school walked into the store and called my name.  I looked up and she said something I didn't really understand/hear, so I responded with a half-laugh and "yeah" which is what I always do if I can't hear someone or am just not listening to them.  This parent started laughing after I said, "yeah" which got me thinking, what did I just say 'yeah' to?  I turned to Kyle who asked me "What did she say?"  I whispered, "I don't have any idea."  Then he replied, "I think she said you shop a lot."  That got me wondering do I shop a lot?  Jury's out.

After a few impulse buys at Old Navy, K and I hit up Columbia's first Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  We were on the hunt for perfect curtains for our living room, but ended up purchasing a shower curtain for our guest bathroom instead.  Here's a view of the before curtain.  It's one we registered for 3 years ago when we were getting married and obviously, we painted the bathroom to match it.  It's a nice shower curtain, but it looked a little more formal than I wanted the room to look and it didn't fit with our personalities which is, of course, important for a shower curtain to do!
Here's the new curtain.  I like how casual the bathroom looks with it; the room's not matchy-matchy like it was with the other curtain.  Plus, with Kyle recently obsessed with bird watching (he's out looking for owls right now) and I currently wearing a necklace with a bird on it, we think this curtain totally fits our personalities.
 Blue and orange bird anyone? 
 How about an orange and gold one?
I hope to make more changes like this throughout the house this year, not covering it with birds, but taking decorating risks that fit my our personality.  Maybe I'll even prove that parent right by shopping a lot.  Happy 2011!

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  1. I love the new curtain! It really brightens the room up and it's so you! :)