Monday, January 10, 2011

I Never Noticed....

I never noticed how big my driveway was until I shoveled it.  We got snow in Missouri today and unlike for our friends in the mountains and on the east coast, this is a big deal.  I was antsy all day about the impending snow.  So when we got out of school 45 minutes early, I rushed home at 15 mph to enjoy it.  First, I let the pups out to frolic- Buster goes CRAZY in the snow.  I'm fairly sure he defies gravity when he jumps from the snow onto our porch.  Sis finds the smallest patch of grass, does her business, and comes right inside the house.  When the pups were safe inside, I dashed out to the driveway to get a-shoveling.  My goal was to surprise Kyle when he got home with a perfectly shoveled driveway.  An hour later, the driveway was shoveled and my back hurt.  I truly never realized how big my driveway is.  No more surprises, from now on Kyle's helping out with the shoveling!

I'm a little behind on these celebrity divorces; I just found out today about Ryan and Scarlett.  I didn't like Scarlett until she married Ryan.  Then I figured, if he thinks she's cool, then I think she's cool.  Now I'm not sure what to think.  It just goes to show money and ridiculously good looks can't buy happiness.  I mean, come on Scarlett, I shouldn't be able to do anything better than you, but I'm still married.  The most heart breaking for me to hear about was Eva and Tony's divorce.  I thought those two were cute together, and she always seemed so happy with him.   I wonder if people in Hollywood have to go through marriage counseling the way us regular people do.  Maybe it would prevent these sad stories.

Breakfast today was an orange.  For lunch I had leftovers!  YUM!  Fish chowder, carrots, and hummus.  After shoveling the driveway, I ate the rest of the sweet potato pancakes.  It's been a very orange day.

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