Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Break Snow Day

Spring break got off to a snowy snowy start today, and I was happy to stay cozy (re: in my pajamas) inside working on my to-do list.  The first thing I got to was organizing the magazines underneath my coffee table.   These were all magazines I had read through before, but they all contained some information I wanted to keep.  So I spent two hours going through 19 magazines of various titles including Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Sunset, and Southern Lady.  These are not magazines I subscribe to (with the exception of BHG), but my mom's neighbor subscribes and gives the magazines to my mom who then passes them on to me!  She also passes on her People magazine (a favorite!), but those go in the recycle bin right after I read them because let's be honest- there's nothing in them worth knowing/keeping.  That being said, I memorize just about all the celebrity gossip the first time I read it. 

Back to the two hours I spent going through the magazines, I pulled out dozens of recipes, crafts, decorating ideas, and pictures of items I want to buy!  Afterwards I had three piles:
The top left pile will be reused. I will take them to school for the kids to look through and cut out pictures for various projects.  The top right pile contains all of the pages I am keeping while the bottom middle pile went straight to the recycle bin.  After all of that organizational fun, I had some lunch.  A can of organic chicken and wild rice soup, orange (not organic), apple, apple sauce, and some Kettle Chips (not pictured).
After lunch,  I organized all of the recipes into my recipe binder.  It's safe to say I cannot WAIT for summer's bounty- zucchini cake cookies, fresh vegetable lasagna, and blueberry cheesecake!  I will be Martha this summer with the amazing food I bring to parties.

Around 4, I hit up the kitchen again for a snack.  Looked out the back door and saw this.  The snow had stopped at this point.  I honestly don't mind the snow, but I hope all of my flowers are okay! 
 Back to my snack... I chowed down on an Orange-Craisin Muffin fresh out of the oven, two organic kiwi, and a glass of local organic milk.  The kiwi and muffin were a weird taste combination, so I just ate all of the kiwi and then the muffin.
Later on, I went to the gym.  Only got in 40 minutes of cardio, but personally, I'm just happy I got out the door and to the gym.  Maybe tomorrow I'll put a little more effort into my sweat-session.  Dinner was Bruschetta Chicken Bake.  This dinner is usually one of those meals we make creepy "Mmmmm" noises while eating and then fight over the leftoevers the next day, but tonight the chef added a little to much stuffing (re: twice as much).  It was quite the dry dinner, and we're going to have to force ourselves to eat the leftovers tomorrow.  However, despite tonight's experience, I highly recommend this recipe.  Just be sure to use a box of stuffing mix instead of a BAG of stuffing mix.  Even if it's an bag of organic stuffing mix that's on sale for 49 cents. Here's to hoping tomorrow's dinner (whatever that might be) will be better!

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