Monday, March 28, 2011


As the spouse off work today, it was my job to make dinner.  I had a grand plan to make homemade pizza rolls and fill them with Kyle's favorite 'toppings;' however, at 5:45 when I went to make them, I realized the dough would take over an hour to rise.  Boo.  This called for me to improvise.  There wasn't time to defrost meat and I've been tired of meat/poutry/fish lately so I had to get creative with the protein.  Beans were a likely choice, but I had already made a colorful salad and wanted something tasty to put on top of it.  Enter: hard-boiled egg.

I'd never hard-boiled an egg before so Kyle googled directions.  First, we covered the eggs (local and organic) with about an inch of water and put it on the stove to boil.  After the water got to a rolling boil, it was turned down to medium low for 10 minutes.
When the ten minutes had passed, the water was poured out and replaced by cold water and ice.  The eggs soaked in their ice bath until their muscles felt better for a few minutes.
Then they were taken out and cracked.  VOILA!
The egg was a perfect topping on my salad!  The greens were a mix of local from the farmer's market and the rest of a bag I had from Hyvee.  The salad was topped with carrot, red bell pepper, and Annie's Organic Cowgirl Ranch dressing.  Kyle and I also shared a fruit plate. I'm full after that dinner!
I'm off to watch Due Date with the family.  Although I'm sure Kyle and I will end up watching the movie while the dogs just do this again:

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  1. I can't get over how cute your pups are :) I always get super bummed when I have something planned to cook but don't realize how long it actually will take... ha oh well at least the back up meal looked good!