Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My New Obsessions

Obviously, I have a few many obsessions- being green, garage sales, my dogs, my house, eating, movies.  The list goes on and on.  Best of all, new obsessions appear daily! Here's what I've recently started loving.

Online Shopping
Last weekend, I stayed up till 11:40 shopping on OldNavy.com.   I bought two shirts, one jacket, and a gift.  Since I spent over $50, I got FREE shipping.  SWEET!  Yesterday I hit up 1800PetMeds to get the little pups their Frontline and HeartGuard both of which were totally on sale!  And you guessed it- free shipping, but that's not all, I also googled "Coupon codes for 1800PetMeds" and found a 5% off code.  Seems like nothing until you realize I spent about $130 on this medicine.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE shopping online and finding coupon codes.  You can't magically find coupons in the checkout line at stores in the mall, but you can when you're 'checking out' online. Plus, everyone loves getting packages in the mail!

Here are some items I'm currently swooning over at websites.
Curtains at Anthropologie. I like these ones.... but I also like ALL of their other curtains.  Even the one with the enormous blue octopi!  Anyone have any coupon codes for Anthropolgie?  Preferably a 75% off one so I can actually afford some curtains!
After reading Tina's blog yesterday, I've got my eyes on these reusable produce bags.  With all the apples and oranges we buy at the grocery store, combined with weekly trips to the farmer's market coming up, I would really use these!  Plus, they're machine washable.
The Cuisinart's Shredding Ability
I have used a hand held grater for the longest time.  I would take 10s of minutes to shred carrots, sweet potatoes, zucchini.  Then there were the cuts I would get on my fingers.  Gross, right?  Then I discovered (or maybe Kyle discovered) the shredding adaptation of our Cuisinart.  It's been love ever since.  I've been shredding 3-4 carrots at a time and storing them in a container so that I can have shredded carrots on my salad each day.  Genius!  It majorly cuts down on the time it takes me to make lunches.
Here today's eats so far. 
Breakfast was a whole wheat bagel with organic cream cheese and a glass of local & organic milk.  Check out the stack of 12 magazines!  Just when I thought I had gone through all the outdated magazines in my house, I came across this dirty dozen.  Good news- I've already gone through them and pulled out all the interesting info and recipes!  After going through the mags and watching the TODAY show, I hit the gym.
The workout was decent, 30 minutes on the 'mill at around 4.1 MPH followed by lifting weights (5 pounders, baby!) then 15 minutes on the elliptical.  I was really surprised how many people were at the gym at 10:30 on a Tuesday.  Shouldn't they be working?  Also, there were some HOT workout outfits.  My workout attire isn't always stylish, but today I saw OVERALLS and a t-shirt tucked into gray biker shorts Both outfits were on guys. I was seriously wishing I had a spy cam to take pictures for you.  For now, you'll have to create a mental image. : )

I was starving for lunch, but as usual, nothing sounded good.  So I picked up some of this and some of that.  Plus some Annie's Organic pretzels.

I've told you a few of my favorite gym outfits.  I want to know what's the best outfit you've seen at the gym?

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  1. I love to shop online! I've lately discovered Forever 21, and the fact that they will ship to the UK so I'm already planning on doing some damage on there haha only downside to internet shopping is having to return something if you change your mind or it doesn't fit!