Saturday, March 26, 2011

Much Ado about a New Rug

A few weeks ago, Kyle and I were scouring the big box stores- Lowes, Home Depot, Ace, Menards- for a faucet.  While in these stores, my eyes wandered.   In Lowes, I found some curtains I just had to try in the living room.  Menards had beef jerky, milk, and Cheerios; I thought that was weird.  Menards also had a decorative area rug for $15 that I just couldn't pass up.  Check out that pattern!!!  It immediately reminded me of Young House Love.
The dimensions of the rug are 3'3" X 4'11."  Awkward, right?  Since the rug arrived in my house a few weeks ago, it has been all over the place.  First in the living room.  It was obviously too small for the space. 
Then it moved to the bedroom.  Replacing a lighter colored rug we had in front of our bed.  It's a good size, but it seemed too dark. 
So then I tried it in the hallway.  Nope; didn't work there.  Plus, as Kyle reminded me, carpets hallways don't really need rugs.
Next I moved it to a spot where I knew it would be too big, but in a laundry room, who cares, right?   The verdict is- I LIKE IT! 
Here's a before shot of the rug that was in there.  It was free from the in-laws and served us well for a year and a half
 but I like the new one better. 

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