Monday, June 27, 2011

Week 23: Giant Stuffed Horse

Whew!  My relaxing summer life sure turned into work really fast during these past two weeks.  I started a graduate class last Monday and tutored on top of that- leading to 10 hour days and me being really cranky.  The long hours were torture on my emotions/hormone levels, but I did have a hilarious moment last week where I was standing with all of my new classmates in the sunshine.  I was hot, worn out, and thirsty.  Someone bumped into me on accident, and it triggered a rise in the 'weeping-baby' hormone (whichever one that is).  So I moved out of the way from this person and hid my sadness behind my sunglasses, telling myself over and over again, "DO NOT CRY IN FRONT OF THESE PEOPLE.  THEY DON'T KNOW YOU. THEY'LL THINK YOU'RE WEAK.  DO NOT CRY."  My self-coaching worked, and I remained dry eyed.  I can only hope I'll be as lucky next time. The class in general has been tough, but we've learned so much valuable content in just 5 days.   I hope to be a kick-a$$ science teacher by the end of it!  This class has not been the only thing consuming my life these past two weeks.  Enter: Baby Bargains. 
Last week, Kyle and I read through every type of baby item in this book, chose the one we thought would work best for our little babe, researched it further on Amazon, and put it on our registry.  We spent hours on this each night, and are really excited about the baby gear we've chosen- everything on McBabe's wish list will be used A LOT.  I'm putting the final items on it this week and will hopefully post links to it next week! 
Sneak peak of a practical item on the registry: giant stuffed horse!
Other than the mood swings, I've been feeling pretty good.   Although just when I think my stomach can't get any bigger; it does.  It's so crazy to me how at 13 weeks I was like, "OMG, I'm getting so big!"  Now, 10 weeks later, I feel like my stomach is going to split open and everything is going to fall out.   It's a great feeling.  However, I have been happier with my maternity clothes.  Last weekend, I invested in 3 t-shirts and a trendier top from GAP Maternity and a Bella Band from Cotton Babies.  I think everyone should have a Bella Band for Thanksgiving or just a trip to Olive Garden.  Imagine all the salad and breadsticks you could eat with your pants unzipped.  The never-ending pasta bowl could truly never end! There's just so much more room with the button undone and the zipper unzipped!  The babe is totally enjoying his bigger room.  With all the kicks and punches he throws, I can tell he's having a blast.  : )

Have a good week!

Brenda, Kyle, and the mango (as opposed to this Mango)

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  1. hahaha I love what people call their unborn babies... mango is cute :)