Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Week 21: We're Having a Boy!!!!

Start buying peepee teepees and sports gear cause it's a boy!  We are thrilled to share the first ultrasound pictures of our baby!  Above, you've got a great view of his tush and equipment.
Side profile- his hand is sticking up above his belly (I already have this picture framed in the living room!)
Top view of his hand next to his head
Another side view of his tummy and legs
The ultrasound technician said that the baby weighs 12 ounces and is so far healthy!  After getting the all clear with the babe's health, we had her tell us the gender and show us proof. We are elated to be welcoming a little boy into the family! As far as names go, we would tell you if we knew.  I had girl names that I LOVED, ADORED, and couldn't wait to use; boy names for me are just 'eh.'  So we'll likely be ruminating on them for quite a while.  Well, now it's time to work on the nursery, finish up the registry, and get all DIY crazy with a memory book!


  1. Like Like Like Like (I realize this isn't facebook). Congrats!

  2. Omg congrats!!! And what the heck is a peepee teepee?!?!?! hahaha... do I want to know?! :)