Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 21: It's Going to be EPIC

A few weeks ago, Kyle and I were at the movie theater when a preview came on for a movie called One Day.   It's about two people Dexter and Emma who only had one date- on the night of their college graduation.  Dexter and Em are revisited each year on the same date to see where they are in their lives. They are sometimes together, sometimes not, on that day.  The trailer for the movie brought me to tears!   I love that Emma is a teacher who wants to make a difference, then when they show Dexter with a baby, I just lose it.   Thus, I have my first pregnancy craving:  this freaking movie.  I must see it (and bring an entire box of tissues).
Obviously, the hormones are raging over here.  I like to think in a good, sensitive way, but Kyle might tell a different story.  We have our first ultrasound appointment on Wednesday morning; I can't believe I'm halfway through this journey, and I haven't even seen the baby yet!  Part of me loves this- the baby could be a boy or girl-I have NO IDEA.   The main reason we haven't had an ultrasound yet is that I elected to forgo the tests for Down's, spina bifida, etc.  When I asked the NP the benefits of these tests, she just told me it was so I could know.  I personally didn't want to know at 12 weeks whether my child had a serious condition.  Knowing that would make this pregnancy hard and even sad for me so we didn't find out anything.  However, I'm fully aware that this baby could be born with challenges; we will deal with those when we get to it.  All that to say, the other part of me is apprehensive for what we might find at Wednesday's ultrasound.  One thing is certain: once I see my baby on the screen- I will bawl.  :  )

Onto a lighter (or maybe a heavier?) subject: my main goal with this pregnancy has been to grow a healthy baby.  My second goal is to be a cute pregnant lady.  You know, the one you see that makes you go, "Aw!"  I saw one such pregnant chica this weekend, and it was not in the mirror!   Needless to say, I've decided to take it up a notch with my pregnant lady style.  I think the biggest issue has been that I've been wearing shirts made for regular people, so I just look like I am a normal person with a big stomach.  I'm going to try to find some maternity shirts to show off a cute belly instead of just wearing baggy regular shirts. The real challenge will be dressing myself for a wedding this weekend.  The first dress I tried on was a regular dress I own.  It fits and actually looks cute from the front. However, from the side, "GEEYIKES!"  Def. can't tell I'm pregs, just "too big for the dress."  Dress number two didn't even zip all the way up!   As you can imagine, I was insulted by this.  So I shimmied into dress number three: a maternity dress.  It is ADORABLE, but feels like too much fabric and makes me look a lot farther a long than 21 weeks!  Alas, I'm left scratching my head wondering what to wear. 

Last night around 10:40, I felt a HUGE kick.  So I put my hand on my stomach and sure enough- I could feel the kick from the outside!  I immediately rushed into our bedroom (startling a sleeping Kyle) and said, "YOU CAN FINALLY FEEL HIM KICK!"  The babe gave a good half dozen karate kicks!  Coolest thing ever!  It made me realize I had only felt slight movements before, never serious martial arts moves.  I see how these can keep you up at night!

I hope to update the blog later this week with the big gender reveal!  Until then, I'm off to live the good life- yoga, reading, shopping, naps, tutoring, eating.  I just might get used to summer!

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