Monday, June 13, 2011

Smell Buster's Collar

On the last day of school, I was given a few tokens of appreciation.  Gift cards, a cookie mix, a planter, and  a few thank you notes.  My favorite was from a student who I'd taught for two years (both 2nd and 3rd grade).  I love so many things about this card but I especially love how it seems unprompted by her parents, like she wanted to make the card.  Here's what it said (I like to think the first line meant to say, "I'll miss being in your class.")
"Dear Mrs. Mc,  I'll miss not being in your class.  I hope I'll get to see your baby!  I wonder if your baby will like books just like you!  I hope your dogs Buster and Sophie will injoy your baby too!  Have a great summer!  I'll really miss you! From, E"
 The picture is beyond adorable.  I wonder if Buster's glasses are for distance or reading.  Also, what's he hiding under that hat?  Of course, my favorite part is the baby in it's crib.  Def. brought a tear to my eye and made me gasp when I saw it! 

P.S.  If your wondering, the collars smell like vanilla. 

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