Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Impulse Buys

After yesterday's drama, I had to leave the house.  I locked the dogs in their kennels without blankets (as a punishment) and headed out the door with a few errands to run.  I hit up Old Navy first excited to try on some maternity clothes and use a Groupon.  Well, the maternity clothes were a bust- they were all too big in the bump area and were just generally shapeless.  Again, I looked chubs instead of pregs.  No worries- I did buy this swim suit.  I like to think of this impulse buy as a combination of overconfidence and denial.
 My total out of pocket for it was 79 cents.  Heck ya, I didn't even need to use the debit card!  Total (including what I paid for the Groupon): $10.79.  Not bad for a swim suit.   BTW, if you have a pool, invite me over.  You'll def. be able to tell I'm pregnant. 

After fun at ON, I headed to Target; their maternity selection is disgusting.  I seriously curse under my breath every  time I go there.  Why did it seem like they had cute maternity clothes when I wasn't pregnant and now that I am their clothes are gross?  *end rant*  Next stop, Motherhood Maternity. They actually have really cute clothes; I was trying on dresses and expressed to the sales girl about my disdain for shapeless maternity clothes.  So she picked out two dresses for me. WOW, she got it on the mark; I went from showing off nothing, to showing off every curve.  The dress (imagine it in solid black) was like wearing a glove.  Perfectly formfitting. I couldn't tell if it was cute or completely trashy, but I didn't want to hurt the sales girl's feelings so I put it on hold and told her I *might* be back for it on Thursday.  

I then found myself in Marshall's (always save the best for last!) returning a few regular shirts I had bought.  Then of course I had to browse their home goods section.  I seriously love everything thing there.  Found a rug that would be PERFECT for a girl's nursery, a comforter that I had to restrain myself from buying("You already have two" repeated over and over in my mind), and then cushions for outdoor furniture.  I couldn't resist these cushions. 
 The ones on our set now look nice, but we I made the mistake of keeping them out in the elements from July 2009 till, um, now.

That's almost two years worth of wind, rain, spiders, birds, and everything else yucky on them.  Even though I've hosed them off, I still think they are disgusting and put down a beach towel before sitting in them.  Psycho, right?  Old cushions out, furniture washed with dish soap and warm water, and it's time to say hello to these babies.
 Love the sea foam coral print and how cushy these are! Also, I've learned my lesson and will bring in the cushions when they're not being used.  Hopefully this will keep them in good shape and keep Kyle and I out on our patio more enjoying the backyard!

P.S.  Ultrasound update and pictures are coming later... after I've figured out how to scan in the 'money shot!'

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