Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week 24: Vacation ATL

Planning for the summer, I knew I wanted to travel a bit since this will be the last summer of traveling without mountains of baby gear.   Kyle and I went to Charleston together in June then I headed solo to Atlanta last week.  The purpose of the trip was to hang out with a friend from high school.   Beth, Ben, and their schnauzerpoo Bentley were very welcoming!
 I was lucky enough to have my visit fall over a Saturday morning so Beth and I hit up the Marietta Square Farmer's Market.  Beth bought a giant bouquet of flowers, green beans, and honey while I picked up blueberries, cucumbers, and of course, Georgia peaches.  The peaches were perfect; I had at least 2 each day of the trip!  We also headed to IKEA (I'm OBSESSED!).  Then the Georgia Aquarium, which is the largest in the US. 
Albino alligator
Japanese spider crabs
Sea dragon
Those were the two main events of the trip, we mostly just hung out, shopped, and went swimming.  It was a perfectly relaxing trip!

I felt pretty good all week. Although I have noticed myself saying, "can we walk a little slower?"
I've also been feeling nauseous after eating large quantities of meat- like a burger, ribs, or bacon-wrapped meat loaf.  Stupid aversion to meat.  Instead, I have found myself wanting to eat tons of fruit and drink smoothies.  I was so desperate for one last week that I actually went to McDonalds!  There are countless reasons why I boycott the establishment, but there I was, in the drive-thru line itching for a smoothie.  I stared at the giant menu for a bit before asking the McWorker, "do you have smoothies?"  The answer, NO!  Son of a bee sting!  I loathe that chain even more now, but I guess all-in-all, them not having smoothies kept me true to my food ethics!

I've really been feeling this little guy move this past week.  There are the occasional HUGE kicks, there are little kicks/movements, then there's the squiggle where it feels like he's doing the wave.  Naturally, I love it.  It's really cool; you can even see it happening!  The 24 week bump picture was taken on Sunday, with 25 weeks starting on Monday, so they're not too different.  Hopefully I won't be such a slacker in the future!  Thanks for putting up with my erratic blogging!

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