Saturday, July 16, 2011

Week 25: It Will Be A Miracle....

...if I make it through this week without crying. Maybe I've watched too many episodes of The Hills or maybe its the hormones raging in my body, but I have been on the verge of tears multiple times this week.  On Tuesday, it was around 8:10 in the morning.  I was walking the dogs (yes, I know, I'm an awesome dog-mom like that) when we came to a crosswalk.  The dogs were turning right, and I wanted them to go straight.  Before I knew it I had stepped off the sidewalk, twisted my ankle, and fallen to my knees.  Adding insult to my skinned knees, one of my neighbors drove by and saw the entire thing!  I eventually got my pathetic self off the ground and hobbled along the rest of the walk with my sore ankle and bleeding knees.  The whole time, I was just milliseconds from bursting into tears, but "IT DOESN'T HURT THAT MUCH.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO CRY" was on repeat in my mind. It worked; the tears stayed at bay!

The second major life-altering mondo-upsetting event to happen was at the grocery store.  I was in the check-out line with all my purchases on the register when I checked my list and realized I hadn't picked up bread crumbs.  NBD, I decided to just checkout and find breadcrumbs while carrying my bags.  Great plan, right?  Yes, it was excellent except for the fact that I couldn't find the bread crumbs anywhere.  I spent 5 minutes canvassing the store with 10lbs. of groceries on each arm.  Normally I would have asked an associate for assistance but a. I didn't see one in any of the aisles and b.  I would have started bawling if I tried to talk to someone.   In the end, I left the store without the breadcrumbs or my mind (not that I had either going in).  So as you can see, it will be a miracle if I make it through the week without crying. 

According to one of my baby newsletters, the babe is the size of an eggplant this week and is developing his sense of equilibrium- distinguishing between right side up and upside down. He's impressive! : ) I saw the doctor on Friday- the baby has a strong heart beat, and I'm happy with my weight gain!  I've graduated to appointments every two weeks instead of every four!  The nurse said the time is really going to start flying by now.  That freaks me out!

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  1. OK, I can't believe you fell this week while walking... because I fell too! I was attempting to run around my neighborhood when somehow my ankle got twisted in the gutter: I fell scraping my knee and ankle along with bruising my hip! I'm grateful that it was past when most people go to work, so fingers crossed no one saw me. Now I just get to answer everyone's questions of "what did you do to your knee/ankle?" with the lame response of "I fell while running." Who would of thought that was such a dangerous sport? Though, I did feel pretty bad-@$$ when I just kept going and ran (intermittently with walking) for 20 more minutes :) You are not alone with scraping your knees like a 10 year old!