Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week 27: 2nd Trimester Comes to a Close

Yesterday I was perusing my usual blogroll when I came to Young House LoveAnyone who has talked to me within the past year, knows I love this blog and get a lot of ideas for my house and the babe's room from it.  So when Sherry mentioned her love for Pinterest, I had to check it out.  For those of you who don't know, Pinterest is like a bulletin board where you can save ANYTHING you find interesting from ANYWHERE on the internet.  It's basically a fun, easy way to organize all of those 'wishes' and DIY ideas as well as get ideas from other people.  It's much more user-friendly than saving everything to your bookmarks because you can write comments about everything you've pinned. 

One of my Pinterest boards is called "Baby's Room."  (I know, original!)  I have a dozen ideas saved on there, including a few DIY ideas.  Well, these ideas had just been sitting there- for 8 weeks to be exact, so when I read about the Pinterest Challenge on Young House Love, I thought it was great excuse to make some 'art' for the baby's room!
While I didn't formally commit to the challenge on YHL, I still completed a project!  In accordance with the challenge guidelines, I will reveal the end product on Tuesday, August 2.  Just as a hint: this was my 'inspira-pin!'

 Pregnancy has been good this week! I have my glucose screening this Friday morning at the doctor's office.  I'll honestly be surprised if my blood sugars come back high.  Like, jaw to the ground how-the-h did that happen surprised.  We're also touring a daycare on Friday.  It's our third choice so far, but since we're not sure the first two will work out, we figured it would be a good idea to check out #3! The bump is getting bigger!  I even included a front shot this week so you can see how round it is!  Today I realized just how big my stomach AND the baby are when I felt a kick a good 9 inches to the right of my belly button! 
Until next week, enjoy the Q & A!
How far along?: 27 weeks 3 days.
How big is the baby?: 14 1/2 inches long, almost 2 lbs!  Similar to a head of cauliflower
Weight gain/loss:
12 pounds
Pregnancy symptoms:
Lower back pain (very mild!), heartburn, raging hormones, leg cramps at night and in the morning, frequent online shopping, long fingernails (SCORE!), propensity to wear tight clothing
Sleep: Flipping sides every few hours- making sure to rest my stomach on a pillow, trying not to sleep on my back, not even tempted to roll over on my stomach!  Waking up for bathroom breaks 2+ times a night
Best moment this week:
We attended a beautiful wedding this weekend, bought a lot of maternity clothes from GAP at the Galleria, and walked the pups at the park. I also really enjoyed having my BFF visit while Kyle was out-of-town and seeing Bridesmaids!
Movement: Tons!  Love watching the belly move!
Food cravings:
Fresh fruit, guacamole (haven't given in to this one yet... hopefully soon!)
Food aversions: Brussel sprouts
What I love: How nice people are when they see I'm pregnant- I'm thinking about buying a fake belly to wear when the baby's popped out just so people continue being so nice!
What I miss:
Eating goat cheese and medium-rare meat, fitting into my usual clothes, walking above a 3.5 MPH pace, sleeping comfortably
What I am looking forward to:
School starting in August- seeing my 2nd graders who will now be my 3rd graders (I love seeing how much they've grown!) and meeting my new 2nd graders! Of course, the Farmer's Market every Saturday morning!  The next ultrasound, not that I know when it is or anything....
Nursery Update:
Not too much has changed- we have the crib, an dresser/armoire, and side table; still need to find a glider.  Curtains are up!  Wall art is purchased!  Futon will be moved out (and to StL- thanks Mom and Dad!) in the middle of August!


  1. I'm still rooting for elephant cut-outs. The suspense is killing me. Sorry I didn't paint your walls for you when I visited! I think I'm going to start a blog.....(pause for impact).....but I need motivation not to be lazy. Also, I'm afraid of it being corny. Wordpress or blogspot is the larger question now. I need help coming up with a name that embodies home-renno, cooking, music, and other various interests. Any ideas? Nice bump this week!

  2. I like the elephants :) I can't wait to see pictures, I love seeing other peoples' projects!

  3. Your blog is so cute. :) I just found it and I'm glad I did! Congrats on expecting!!