Sunday, July 17, 2011

McBaby's Wish List

The time has come to share the baby's wish list!  Kyle and I have scoured internet sites, stores, and books to come up with a list of baby stuff our little buddy can really use.  We are registered online at Amazon and online and in-store at Babies"R"Us. 

1.  This registry was undoubtedly the most fun to make.  I loved adding products from a variety of vendors.  There were plenty of green products, including the cloth diapers! I also love that Amazon offers free super-saver shipping on most orders over $25. I've always had good luck getting Amazon packages, usually within a week of ordering.

To get to our registry, go to this page and type in our last name.  The registry will pop right up!  If you buy the item through the registry, it will automatically be removed/marked as purchased on the registry.  However, if you buy the item from another vendor, you can click the "Buying this gift elsewhere?" button and click "start reserving this item."  So you have the option of going to the store to buy the cute baby gear (for example, Cotton Babies for the cloth diapers, swaddles, bottles, etc). Then type in your name, email, and the quantity purchased.  Doing this will prevent others from purchasing the same gift. 

2.  Babies 'R' Us  There are a few store locations in St. Louis.  You can also view the registry online by going to this page.  You'll need to type in our last name under "find a registry."  Then voila; the registry will appear! 

PS- We are just sending this out via the blog since it is the easiest way to reach all of our family and they've been hounding us for it! Please don't think you have to buy anything though, we're just spreading the word!


  1. Yay! Can't wait to get Baby M some goodies!
    FYI-I don't know if Amazon has a registry completion program, but BRU does. So I just put all the stuff on our BRU registry that I thought I might want, because you can get 10% off it afterwards to "complete" your registry. Just a thought!

  2. They do have a registry completion program! I'm tempted to put cases of Popchips, shoes, and Kyle's b-day presents on there just to get the discount. Oh, and more baby stuff, of course! : )