Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weeks 12-14: Breaking the News

Kyle and I rock at keeping secrets.  We kept our baby-on-the-way a secret for two months!  Initially it was tough to not tell anyone about the babe, but then it became second nature- just something we didn't mention.  However, as we neared the end of the first trimester- we new it was FINALLY time to break our news.  Luckily, my side of the family was having a get together towards the end of week 12, so we had our chance to tell everyone.  
Our plan for telling my immediate family was to give my dad a onesie as a birthday present.  He opened it late Saturday night after a family party (hence the tables set up in the living room).  Feel free to enjoy the conversation about fleas, ticks, and chiggers we had as he opens the present.  What can I say- we're from Eureka!  My apologies about the lighting, but hopefully you'll enjoy the reactions as much as we do! 
The next day we went out to lunch with Kyle's parents, Caitlin, and grandpa.  After we had all ordered, Laura opened a 'late late birthday gift' from Kyle and I.   Lots of tears, hugging, and eating chips and salsa ensued after the filming of this video. 
We kept with the same theme for telling out-of-town friends. I have been known to ship random gifts every now and then, so sending packages was a no brainer.   Each package contained  a white onesie and a note saying "Baby coming October 2011..... seriously." 
After telling close friends and family, we waited about a week and told coworkers.  There are officially three Ridgeway babies on the way at school.  So I'm in good company, and there are plenty of people to talk baby with which is good since I'm officially obsessed with all of it.  The only people who are out of the loop (and will hopefully stay out of the loop for a while) are the kids at school.  I'm taking the advice of waiting as long as possible to tell them.  I already get off on tangents when they ask me about the dogs; my tangents would be 58 times longer if it was a question about the baby!

So now you know how we broke the news!  We hope to update you weekly with our most recent baby 'projects' and bump photos.  

Brenda, Kyle, and a Baby-on-the-Way


  1. SO CUTE!!!!! Congrats :) Seriously, love the videos, this is awesome!

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