Friday, May 20, 2011

The Name Game

"My Baby This Week" is the name of a newsletter I get from  This email is full of information about the baby's development, what I should be feeling like for the week, and my favorite part, a comparison of the baby to produce.  We're up to the size of a 5 oz. onion this week! Well, after reading this week's update, I noticed this suggested activity:
"Start a baby name list. Make a list of ten names you like. Have your partner do the same. Trade lists and each cross out one name on the other's list that you dislike. Keep taking turns until you have a set of names you can both live with. Talk about why you like and dislike certain names. Many couples even create ground rules, such as no names of former girlfriends or boyfriends and no names that have ever been used for family pets." source
We already talked about names, but I thought it would be pretty hilarious to see the names Kyle came up with, so we started our lists.  The only rule being: there are no rules.   Kyle took FOREVER to come up with a list.  For the first ten minutes, he couldn't think of any names besides the two we'd talked about.  In the end (after 35 minutes of Kyle in deep thought and 15 minutes of Kyle on the computer looking at name lists), we had this:

                     Kyle's List                                       Brenda's List
Boys                               Girls                            Boys                         Girls
James                             Olivia                           James                         Olivia
Nathan                            Margaret                      Austin                         Cecilia
William                            Margarite (Rita)            Max                            Jane
Brady                              Ashley                        Jackson                       Victoria
Kenneth (Ken)                  Kate                            Barak                          Charlotte
                                                                         Guillermo                     Savannah
                                                                         Yadier                          Maya
                                                                         Dexter                          Annie

As we went through the lists one at a time, I had to break the news to Kyle that we can't name our child after a sibling,  cousin, cousin's kid, or our favorite LOST character.  Although a little Desmond would be adorable with his Australian accent!  My list really wasn't much better as I obviously got a little "current event" happy towards the end of the boy column.  I thought my mom would appreciate a little Yaddy in the family!  Then there were the plethora of cities on the girls side. I love all of them; Kyle, not so much.  :  (  All in all we had fun sharing the lists;  I'll let you guess which names we kept and which were crossed right off.

Today was a big day for me!  After trying on about a half dozen pre-pregnancy shirts this morning and looking muffin-toppish, I put on a maternity shirt.  I felt so much better wearing it since it actually fit.  So today marks the first time I wore a maternity shirt to work!  Here I am showing it off; I'm totally smeyesing in this pic.
Dinner is also worth sharing tonight.  I made some roasted asparagus following this recipe.  It was so good; I actually ate it all (sorry Kyle) within four minutes of it coming out the oven.  Yum, yum, yum.  Will def. buy more tomorrow at the market!  Kyle whipped up Sesame Soy Chicken. It doesn't look beautiful and it's obviously just protein and carbs, but it was very tasty!  I'd type it up the recipe, but that seems like I'd be stealing from Tina.  So you can get the recipe here if you're interested! Along with the Sesame Soy Chicken, we enjoyed Cucumber, Tomato, and Red Onion Salad

Kyle and I are in for a big Friday night of watching Rules of Engagement Season 3 and probably going to bed by 9.  I can't believe we'll have to give up this wild lifestyle in October!

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  1. Dexter? You can't name your kid after a serial killer! Even if he is sort of hot.

    Even though we're not really thinking about kids yet, my husband and I talk about names a lot. He has some really awful ones that he likes, specifically Jelainie. I have no idea where he got that from! Or if that's how to spell it.