Monday, May 30, 2011

Week 19: A Message from the Baby Daddy

Brenda has given me (Kyle, future Daddy) the task of writing the blog this week. Yay!

Baby-wise, not a lot has happened this week. The most exciting event was probably Brenda telling her students about being pregnant. She was smart enough to do it when there were only 5 minutes left in the school day, as she knew they would get uber-excited and ask all sorts of questions. Of course the first question was: Boy or Girl? -Which as you can expect led to the argument about which gender is better. Her best question was probably: "Is Kyle excited?" To which she should have responded with something like: "He doesn't know" or "No, he's not very happy". HA HA.

Of course, those would be lies, and of course, I am really excited. We did our "Baby Project for the Weekend" today, which was to assemble the baby crib. Only took me about 45 minutes, and I'd say its very nice.

 We then sat down and read a few books to the babe. I chose the book "Fish Eyes" by Lois Ehlert . Brenda then read the book "Elephants"  by Nancy Parent. She made the mistake of squeaking the pink elephant on the book, which made the dogs go crazy for the next 10 minutes. Sissy settled down and managed to dose off during the book (lets hope the kid is this easy!). Buster was more determined, and it took feeding him his dinner to get his mind off of the squeaky book. Anyways, I think we are going to start reading regularly, because from now on, the baby is dividing its brain up into all of its sensory areas: sight, touch, taste, sound, and smell. We even read the 1st chapter of a much longer book, "BunBun" by Susan Clymer .

The rest of the holiday weekend we spent out at "the Land" in St. James. The official purpose was to complete a Stream Team water quality assessment down at the Bourbeuse River. I'd say the river is still extremely healthy; crystal clear and essentially no litter. However, we didn't find anywhere near the amount of invertebrates as we did when we monitored in the fall. Perhaps they all got washed away with all the recent storms. It was good to see both sets of parents, a good excuse to finally get down to St. James again, and of course, a good excuse for a barbeque. Fishing was decent, and birding was good with several new birds for the property and a lifer for me: the Prairie warbler (which lives in forests, not prairies). The dogs had a blast, even though they got covered in ticks. Fortunately, the Frontline kicked in and they all died, but we still had to pick them all off. I really hope our kid likes spending time outdoors, especially since if he/she doesn't, I won't be able to as much birding and fishing!

I think the belly is definitely starting to show now, and its more of an all day occurrence, not just after a big dinner like it used to be. Don't forget to check the pic!

Have a good week everybody!

Kyle, Brenda, and the "large tomato"

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