Monday, May 2, 2011

Week 15: Extreme Makeover: Junkroom Edition

We've already gotten amazing advice from new parents and parents-to-be.  Everyone agreed that having a baby/expecting was very overwhelming.  There is so much to do that we should do small things whenever we can.  So, I've declared to Kyle that we will do one 'baby thing' each weekend.

This weekend's baby activity was a big one: clear out the future nursery.  This wouldn't have been such a tough task if we had a spare room, but we don't.  As a result, we had to tear apart our 'office' (re: junkroom) and rearrange it as a office/guestroom (re: office/guestroom).  This meant removing all of the 'junk.'  On day one, we tackled the closet. This is what the room looked like after the closet threw up.  I would have LOVED to put everything in a bag for Goodwill, but alas we packed most of it into plastic bins and put about 1/3 back into the closet, only this time it was much more organized! 

Day two of the project involved taking apart a shelf and moving things all around the room.  'We' moved about 75% of the guest bedroom furniture from the future nursery into the office.  A big thanks to Uncle Mark for spending his Sunday evening moving furniture!  We hope the bratwurst dinner we cooked for him adequately communicated how grateful we are for his help!!!!  Here's the view of the new office/guestroom.  Big improvement, eh?  Everyone's welcome to come visit us!  There's even room in the closet for you to hang clothes!

 The future nursery currently looks like a junk room.  However, there's plenty of room for a changing table, crib, and rocker!  It will be many, many weeks before we can reveal the finished room!

Be sure to check out the first bump picture.  I swear it looks much bigger in person... especially after dinner.  I'm going through the unbuttoned pants phase where the pants totally fit, but are WAY more comfortable unbuttoned.  Here's to long shirts!

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