Monday, May 23, 2011

Week 18: Laughing... A LOT

This book arrived at my house via random package from Nancy.  Surprise packages are the best!  The book came with a card, which I read and went, "Awwwww....." Then I looked at the book and told Kyle, "I don't want to read this."  The cranky pregnant lady comes out when I feel like it's a book that will tell me all the terrible things of pregnancy.  So many books are frightening; I thought this book would be the same.  Thus, Belly Laughs sat on the kitchen counter for a few days.   On Saturday, I was organizing the kitchen and picked up the tome.  Walking into the guest bedroom to put it on the shelf, I decided to flip through the book.  I stopped on page 59 when the chapter "Hi, Porn Star!" caught my eye.  Well, I read page 59 and was hooked.  Jenny is absolutely hilarious; I can see why she and Jim Carrey were a couple for so long!  In the book, she delves into every aspect of pregnancy- strangers touching your stomach, not having anything to wear, having a wandering mind, premature labor, hating skinny people, etc.  She tells it like it is and has such an amazing sense of humor.  I laughed the whole two hours I read this book.  I'm so glad cranky pregnant Brenda was wrong about this book and even happier Nancy gifted it to me!  Although, per the included card, I will need to return the book in 8 years when she begins thinking about having children.

The part of the book I could relate to the most was when she mentioned having a obsession with online shopping.  Obviously, she and I have different budgets, but I have been enamored with online shopping.   Lately, I've spent hours looking at curtains, maternity clothes, baby gear, and everything else.  It's so much fun; I'm just glad I haven't taken it to Jenny's level where I have the boxes delivered to friends' houses because my husband is getting fed up with the craziness!

Kyle and I did in fact make one purchase today:  the crib!  We'd I'd been stalking out the crib from YHL.  I love that they did all the researching and I get to benefit from them finding the most reasonably priced baby-friendly crib.  I couldn't copy a picture of it from the store's website, so you can check it out here.  Now all we've got to do is wait a few weeks for it to be delivered to the store so we can pick it up and get it assembled.  I've already come to peace with the fact that our nursery will not be picture perfect.  Heck, it won't even have all matching furniture.  Without having a basement, we're forced to do very 'college apartment-like' things aka having a futon in the baby's room.   In other words, the room will be 'eclectic.' To get ideas for the nursery, I've been checking out lots of websites.  Here are a two I've found and adored!

The wall color of this nursery is nearly identical to ours (in the picture anyway).  I love the color of the curtains- finding similar ones seems very do-able.  The rug?  AHMAZING.  Light fixture? PERFECT.  Don't expect to see those in little McBaby's room though. You can expect some stenciling.  Ideally, the stenciling would look exactly like this- boy or girl, but I have another animal in mind that light be a little more realistic!
Again, this room has a wall color similar to ours.  I'm totally ga-ga for the picture wall and ribbon wall.  Any idea how these people did it?  I'm very curious as how they attached all of them and love how you can customize the colors to fit your room.   
To answer your question, no, I did not go out and buy a lottery ticket after drooling over these amazing nurseries.  It was just a lot of fun getting ideas for what we can do with our space.  

In belly news, this week I think I've felt kicks or movements.  As all of my baby books have mentioned, it could just be gas, but I'm pretty sure it's little kicks.  Yesterday was the best with four in a row! I love feeling them and often sit quietly trying to telepathically tell the baby to move.  This hasn't worked.  The child already doesn't listen.

We go to the doctor on Wednesday!  Can't wait to hear the heartbeat again! 



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  1. I knew you'd be hooked once you read the book. I read pieces of it and loved it. Can't wait to hear the gender of the baby... and re: your last post, I think you should name the baby Olivia or James (I'm a little partial to the latter).