Monday, August 1, 2011

Watermelon Baby

Watching all of the natural births on The Business of Being Born made Kyle a little jealous.  He reacted by giving birth to a 10 lb watermelon!  Buster, the midwife, was very helpful with massaging Kyle's back and inspecting the melon-baby after birth. The funny thing is- this watermelon is from our garden and Kyle has been working hard- watering twice a day- getting it to grow.  Unfortunately this baby is of the Tom Watson variety and should be 20 to 40 pounds.  However, the garden master was growing impatient/ had never grown a  watermelon before, so he picked it too early. 
My initial reaction after he cut open the melon was, "Well, maybe it's supposed to be pink and white."  Wrong- all the pictures online show a beautiful deep red fruit.  So, Kyle began to chop it up and throw it in the compost when I said, "Why don't you just try some of the red part to see how it tastes?"  Well, it tasted like... watermelon!  K immediately stopped throwing the tasty fruit away and cut it up for storage in the fridge.  We even had it with dinner that night!  Although there's a lot of white, the melon tasted good-like one you would buy from the store.  As opposed to Ah-mazing, like one from the Farmer's Market!
My contribution to the dinner was homemade falafel!  My sister-in-law recommended I make these when I told her about all the cucumbers from our garden and how I wanted to make tzatziki sauce.  I followed this recipe almost exactly.  The one substitution I made was using crushed dried mint instead of fresh.  This recipe was not only a great way to use a garden cucumber, but also some of our sun gold cherry tomatoes and my favorite appliance- the Cuisinart food processor!  The finished product isn't exactly a looker, but it tasted delicious, and I LOVE how two of the ingredients came from our backyard!
I ate one of these bad boys and then fixed a falafel plate, which is all the ingredients outside of the pita. 
In my opinion, this was a great meatless recipe!   Despite the intimidating ingredients list, it was super easy to make and full of flavor (my opinion).  Kyle's opinion was that the yogurt sauce tasted too much like sour cream, which he hates, and that overall it needed more flavor- so he coated it with hot sauce.  I'm just glad he's a good sport and lets me try different recipes and doesn't insist on meat every night!  Although he did request meat and potatoes tonight; to which I replied, "You make it, I'll eat it."

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