Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week 31: Baby Halloween Costumes

Halloween used to be my favorite holiday of the year. I trick-or-treated all through high school and may or may not have gone once in college (go ahead, judge).  I loved everything about Halloween- wearing a homemade costume, trick-or-treating my entire neighborhood with friends, weighing my pillowcase full of candy, trading all of my Reese's Cups (sorry mom!), and staying up late.  Having the next day off was the icing on the Halloween cake!   My fondness for Halloween has dwindled over the years as it now means "Halloween party at school" aka chaos.  It also means I have to buy candy, which I end up eating.  Then there's the ever so popular doorbell ringing which makes the dogs go CRAZY.  Although honestly, it doesn't take much for that to happen! While there are many parts about Halloween that are a hassle, I do enjoy handing out candy.  The costumes are always cute, and the kids are always excited to get candy. 

Halloween is a big question mark for us this year.  We wonder will the baby be here?  Will he be born on Halloween? If the baby is here, should we hand out candy, put a bowl out on the porch, or just have our light off?  Then there's the most important question of all, what should our baby be for his very first Halloween?  This led me to peruse the baby costume sections of various websites over the past few weeks.  Take a look at some of the contenders for McBaby's Halloween costume.

This costume teaches a great life lesson- hot dogs: wear 'em, don't eat 'em.
I like bumble bees, but this looks a little too familiar....

Knew I'd seen it somewhere before..... 

Baby Elvis? 
Wondering if feathers like this would impress Lucy....
If only I were a Star Wars fan...
Does this lil' astronaut costume remind anyone else of Top Gun?
Obviously, this was a tough choice! Right now we're leaning towards this number.  It will be perfect for our tiny, crying sleeping little guy!  Admittedly, he'll only wear the costume for 5 minutes while we take pictures.  It would be even longer if Kyle got his way and took him trick-or-treating!

Check out the bump picks for this week!  I think the best view is from the front where you can tell I've got a big round lop-sided stomach. 

Just for fun...what were you for your first Halloween?
Personally, I have no idea.  If only my mom made me an awesome memory book so I could remember these things.


  1. Although Lucy would be impressed by the feathers, I think she would like Baby M in a chipotle costume! (See my Pinterest board Baby Ideas) We would do it, but Lucy hates being swaddled with her arms in now! ;)

  2. While all of these baby Halloween costumes are cute, that hotdog costume is truly too adorable to even eat!