Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Project Reveal

Last week I, along with thousands of others, was challenged to complete a project from my Pinterest page.  I chose this pin-project to git done.  

The inspiration photo came from Pottery Barn Kids.  Obviously, all of their home furnishings are drool worthy, but who in their mid-twenties can afford any of it?  The answer: people who aren't public school teachers or life-time students.  I digress...  Looking at this picture, I thought, "I can do this."  So I went to Micheal's and procured my materials:  5 pieces of scrap paper which were on sale for $0.25 each, bringing my project total to ~$2.00 when I factor in the gas it took to the store.  After getting the materials, I printed off the above picture of the elephant decals.  Then I outlined one of the elephants to get a feel for the proportions.  I then drew the outline on the back of the scrapbook paper.  This picture is like a 'magic eye' puzzle- you have to look at it really closely to see the elephant outline!
The next step was cutting out the elephant.
Then, voila- look at the cutie!
Here's the whole elephant family!  I have fantasies of modge-podging the fam onto a big canvas painted a light, mint green, then writing the word family in the corner.  Alas, for now- the 'decals' stuck to the wall are good enough for me!

P.S. You might be wondering, "Why blue polka dots?"  Here's a hint!
P.S.S.  Check out Sherry's post over at Young House Love.  Not only did she create a beautiful light fixture, but she has over 100 links to other Pinterest projects!

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  1. love it! And I love the blue/white elephants on gray!