Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dogs Behaving Badly

I'm sure I'm not the only one who could write a novel about my dogs' poor behavior.  There's the vicious barking at strangers (and not so-strange-ers) while wagging the tail.  Do you want to bite them or have them give you a belly rub?  Your puppy language is confusing me.  Then of course the looking in the trashcan, finding something good, and tearing it apart in secret.  This is a specialty of Busters.  Of course there's the screeching like angry pigs while tugging the leash at the beginning of our walks.  Embarrassing.  There's one bad behavior that limits itself to spring and summer: eating fertilizer.

Kyle just put organic fertilizer around our trees and bushes in our yard because we want them to grow strong and look beautiful.  Well, my little Buster was scratching at the door to be let out into the backyard, and I let him out.  Twenty minutes later I came outside to find him walking among the daffodils with his muzzle to the ground chomping up all the brown fertilizer.  Naturally, I insisted he come inside where he has now just found my lunch box and pulled out the Gala apple I hadn't yet eaten, and is scratching at the glass back door like mad, itching to get outside and eat more fertilizer.  Dogs are gross.  Why do we love them so much?
Today's food was excellent.  I started off the day eating a whole wheat bagel with organic cream cheese, an organic orange, and a glass of local, organic milk.
Lunch took a while to prepare this morning, but it was worth it.  I took all this food to work, but didn't eat one of the tiny apples or the pretzels. Btw, Full Circle Raspberry Vinaigrette is sweet and summery.  It's a must have!
Well, I'm off to listen to the screeching piglets as they pull me around the neighborhood.  Hopefully it will get Buster's mind off the tasty fertilizer!!!

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  1. Omg he looks so much like my dog :) he loves to eat dirt and fertilizer, too hahah