Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Week 36: Pure Baby

This past week was a whirlwind.  We accomplished a lot of baby related business.

Crossed off our list:
*get the car seat checked by a fireman.  As it turns out, I had installed the car seat correctly!  Kyle was incredibly surprised by this.  It still needed to be tightened quite a bit, but I still feel good about installing it since it wasn't as easy as one would think!
*Pack baby boy's bag.
In accordance with my list from the doctor, baby's bag contains: three diapers, one nightgown, a pair of socks, a receiving blanket, a blanket for the car, and two going home outfits.  We decided to pack one teeny tiny outfit and one regular newborn outfit, since we have no idea how big he's going to be!
You might be wondering how my hospital bag looks.
Yup, empty, except for a strand of Mardi Gras beads Kyle left in the bag from his trip to New Orleans.   I guess part of me thinks, the babe won't come if my bag isn't packed.  The same part of my genius mind thinks early labor won't be that bad, and I'll be able to pack it then.  In reality, I just need to pack.
*wash all of babies clothes and blankets with baby-friendly detergent. 
In case you were wondering, this kid has plenty of clothes.  He's pretty much set until he's 12 months. He has the cutest onesies, tiny pants, little hats, socks, and sleepers!  So excited to see him wearing them!
*buy a pump.  Thank goodness for Babies'R'Us coupons and gift cards!  We invested in the Medela Freestyle since I will be using it 2 or 3 times a day, 5 days a week when I go back to work.  I cringe a little thinking about it, but thanks to Ina May's Guide to Breastfeeding, I know breastfeeding is best for our little guy!
*finish the nursery.  It's quite possibly the most complete room in our house.  It feels homey, and is all ready for little one to arrive!

On Saturday, my sister-in-law Caitlin hosted a baby shower with Kyle's family and neighbors.  She cooked up an amazing spread based on my 'cravings.'  Since I haven't had real cravings, I just told her foods I like to eat- donuts, crab rangoon, vegetables, Chinese food, and fresh fruit.  Completely random and utterly delicious.  I had a great time playing games (which were really tough) and talking with friends and family.  It was great seeing people who I hadn't seen in so long!  Of course, McBaby received some awesome gifts.  Hopefully he'll be able to wear his Cardinal's t-shirt when he arrives in a few weeks!
How adorable is the clothesline!?  Little did we all know, it was all part of a game.
I obviously haven't gotten the memo about it being fall.  Still rocking my only maternity dress while I can, even if it is summery!
Caramel-filled apple banana cupcakes with cream cheese icing.  These weren't a craving before, but they are now.  Nice work, Caitlin!

I've been more obsessed with my stomach than ever this week.  It all started when I looked in the mirror one night and saw something poking out of the side of it.  Now, I've seen movement from week 20 on, but never just like a foot or elbow poked out in one position.  It was awesome.  I flipped out and kept repeating, "This is the coolest thing ever."  Thus, my obsession of staring at my stomach in the mirror began.  The bump picture gives you some idea of how big this stomach is, just try to ignore the lazy eye.  Or enjoy it, whichever.

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