Sunday, October 30, 2011

One Week Old

Our little man is already one week old!  His mommy and daddy were on a steep learning curve this week.... how to hold a baby, how to change diapers, breastfeeding, deciphering cries, and so much more.  James has been growing and changing a lot as well.  He is an excellent eater, so much so that the lactation consultant we visited with on Tuesday said, "Don't buy anymore newborn clothes, because with the way this guy eats, he won't be fitting into them much longer."  She was right; while he fits into his clothes for now, he gained 6 oz. from his visit to the pediatrician on Tuesday to his appointment on Thursday.  Body builders everywhere are jealous of that kind of weight gain!  His strength seems to be increasing as well; his grip is much firmer than earlier in the week.  

We had a great time cheering on the Cardinals this week.  James was obviously pumped about the World Series victory.  He slept on his daddy's chest throughout all of the games. 
All in all,  James is a pretty good sleeper.  On a full belly, this guy can sleep for four hours straight which is awesome for us when that time happens to fall during the middle of the night.  So far, we've taken a tag-team approach to late night/early morning feedings.  I get up first to change the diaper, feed, then change the diaper again.  I scream politely call Kyle's name, and he rocks James to sleep/changes 1 to 4 more diapers. We haven't been terribly fatigued-yet, but I'm thinking that will really set in this week since Kyle has to go back to work.
We're so glad our little man is here!  We're enjoying our adventure in parenthood and love watching this little one grow each day!  

P.S.  Check out the bump page!  It's hands down the cutest picture yet. : )


  1. so glad everything is going so well! he is absolutely adorable. you look wonderful. happy mommyhood! I'll call you soon, get some rest!

  2. Brenda, I bought my James a moose sweater today! I guess it's a new obsession of mine. He and baby James (Jamie) can hang out in their moose sweaters.

  3. I have a took forever to start, but I hope you enjoy my efforts and corniness.