Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week 34: A Potpourri of Baby Prep

Last weekend, my coworkers threw a shower for us!  My mom made the long drive from St. Louis to join in the festivities.  It was wonderful to be surrounded by all of my coworkers.  I love that almost all of them were able to come celebrate Baby M!  It really is like having a third family of aunts and cousins.  I couldn't ask for better people to work with!  Wish I had pictures, but I left the camera at home. : (

We received a lot of nice gifts, and I thoroughly enjoyed putting everything away in it's perfect spot.  We even cleared a drawer for in the bathroom and a small cabinet for him in the kitchen.  With every little step, we're becoming more and more ready for his arrival in 6 weeks!
 We also spent 6 hours working in the nursery this week.  Here's a hint about what we've been up to:
I'm loving how the room looks; all the time spent of the project was definitely worth this.  The room is way different from even one week ago!  Hopefully curtains will show up in the mail sometime this week, and we'll be able to do a nursery reveal next week!

Life sure is busy right now; physically, I'm feeling good.  My main discomfort is the pressure I feel from little McBabe on my ribs.  Luckily, when he moves, the pressure is relieved. I've also been getting foot and leg cramps- OUCH!  So I've been trying to be extra careful about my calcium, potassium, and water intake.  One part of life that has been particularly annoying is work.  It's really getting in the way of the 'preparing for baby' fun!  Seriously though, I've been staying at work until at least 6:00 four/days a week.  I must have forgotten how much work being an elementary school teacher is!  Also, having to go two and a half hours between bathroom breaks is torture.  I find myself lurking the hallway outside of my room, looking for someone to watch my students while I use the bathroom.  Besides these minor aches, I feel great and hope this bun stays in the oven the full 40 weeks!

Check out the bump I've got!  I'm now exclusively wearing maternity pants and skirts to work.  I basically have a rotation of outfits, including  two blue jean days and Friday has become 'goucho' day.  Not the most professional of attire, but I can't get myself to purchase new clothes that I will only be wearing for a few more weeks.  Oh, and the Bella Band?  It no longer works; I'm just a little too round for it these days.
P.S.  Dad, are you happy I didn't show my actual stomach this week? 

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  1. You are looking so good and so pregnant! Can't wait to see you. (Also can't wait to see the little guy in just a short number of weeks!)