Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Old Man Kyle!

Today my hubs turns 26. He has officially entered what some refer to as the 'dark side' of the twenties. The scariest part is that I will be joining him there in a few months! A few people have asked me about the present I bought for Kyle this year. I'm assuming most couples give each other nice, romantic presents. That's not really my style. For the most part, I am frugal with money (I get that trait from my mom)! Being a miser, I try to get Kyle practical presents, but I also want to take it a step further, going for practical AND hilarious. The first gift I bought for K was the King Arthur Whole Grain Baking cookbook. I've had it on the "Kyle Birthday Gift" list since this summer when we went out to visit our BFFs in Colorado. Kyle has coveted this monster of a book ever since his BFF Bryan baked us a chocolate-chip zucchini cake and delicious pizza crust. K got this gift early as I found him searching for it online earlier this month and thought 'HELL NO! This has to be a birthday gift!!!' aka I didn't really have any other ideas. Since getting this present, K has attempted (and failed) at baking three loaves of bread, learned how to use my bright red KitchenAid mixer, baked award-winning pizza crust, and actually carried the cookbook around with him at the grocery store. Love? I think so, which brings us to the next present.

Check out that beast! You're looking at a 3 pound, $6.00 organic sweet potato from the Columbia Farmer's Market. The price tag doesn't qualify this gift as 'practical,' but the sheer size of this monster makes it hilarious. I presented it to Kyle this weekend by having him close his eyes and then putting it in his hands. He thought it was a giant of a Chipotle burrito. Sorry babe, just a colossal tuber! You're probably wondering how this fits in with the baking book... well, Kyle is going to bake a sweet potato pie! Of course, there will be pictures and a review on here when he does. Can't wait! You can check out a picture of Kyle's third gift here. DOCTOR KRACKER! Has anyone tried these? We see them every week in the store, make a few jokes, and krack up laughing. The price tag on these is usually out of the range of what we're willing to spend on crackers- $4.00 for 8 crackers, but I found these on sale at Whole Foods. A sure sign they were meant to be Kyle's birthday gift!

Question of the day...
What's your gift giving style? Romantic? Practical? Lazy?

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