Thursday, September 9, 2010

Why Would You Do This?

Throughout the 27 days I've been 25 years old, I've begun (began?) to notice things about myself. Some things that need to change and some things that are pretty awesome. Two things in main need of change are my eating and exercise habits.

Before I can make changes, I need to face my current reality. The current reality of my eating habits is as follows: I eat too much incredibly expensive food. You might think, "Incredibly expensive? Stop eating out!" Well, that's not it. My food is expensive because its either organic or local, or for the perfect combination: organic and local! I have no intention of changing the type of food I am eating- I love knowing the farmer who raised my meat and picked my watermelon. However, I need to change the amount of food I am taking in... specifically, the processed foods. An organic cookie is STILL a cookie. Really, it is. 3 organic cookies? Yep, still cookies. : ) So basically, I want to eat LESS processed foods, but continue eating the same amount of fruits and veggies- LOVE 'EM!

The current reality of my exercise situation is far more bleak. To tell you how bad its gotten, I will admit to this: my gym called me this weekend. They noticed I hadn't been coming in recently and wanted to know why. GAH! I cannot tell a lie- I haven't been running outside or chasing my kids around the house. I've been lazy. Straight up, sitting on my bottom, eating aforementioned organic processed food and wasting time... not even watching t.v., just wasting time. WTF? Now, I haven't been completely inactive, I have taken the dogs on good (2+ mile) walks each day of the weekend. However, the effects of this inactivity are a bigger belly (it's bigger than a friend's who is 15 weeks pregnant. Yes, seriously.) Additionally, my arms have zero tone. Just so that I am not completely negative, I will give myself props for my feet. I fit into all of my shoes! This is my current reality.

This blog seeks to document a change in my reality. It will be a process, I do expect slip-ups, but overall, I seek to become a healthy, active person. Naturally, it will be hard work getting back into my grove, but I'll make it fun. The next 338 days of year 25 will rock.

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  1. I love your goals and think you'll do great...however, seriously, you are in no way heaps of flesh!!! And if you have a big belly, then I really AM giving birth to Big Foot! Enjoy the next 338 days, but give you and your thin self some credit too :)