Saturday, September 11, 2010

My name is Brenda, and I'm a garagesaleaholic

Saturday mornings are the best mornings of the week. For me it is the only morning of the week full of choice. I can choose to sleep in or I can choose to wake up early. I can choose to have breakfast at home or grab a burrito at the Farmer's Market. I can choose to take the dogs on a walk or have them lounge around the house with me. Most importantly- I can choose to garage sale or sit at home wishing I was garage saling. I am a garagesaleaholic.

It all started five years ago when I was a fresh-faced twenty year-old or as some people who knew me might say, a cheap a** college student. One Saturday morning on a hot summer day, my high school BFFs and I were cruising north of Saint Louis is Troy, Missouri. We were ready for a day of acting like hicks at the Lincoln County Fair. When we reached the fair, we balked in horror (cheapness) at the admission fee of $25. We just wanted to see some pig wrangling and eat corn dogs. Neither of which was worth that type of dough, so we decided to explore Lincoln County and all it's glory. As we drove down a country road lined with six-foot tall corn stalks, we noticed we were being followed by a semi-truck. This reminded us of the first horror movie we saw together- Joy Ride. After being scared out of our wits, we got onto a street with heavier traffic and low and behold, a garage sale sign. We made our way to the garage sale, which really should have been called a car port sale.

We had no idea this sale would make such an impact on our future. As we looked around, we saw 25 cent everything. The dollars we saved bypassing the fair would go a long way here. I snatched up a gray t-shirt with purple writing that said Trojans on it (as a twenty year-old, this made me giggle) and a polka-dotted belt. My total for these purchases: 50 cents. I was hooked.

Fast-forward five years, and I'm still garage saling. I hope to share some of my garage sale wisdom with you on this blog. My knowledge is far reaching and truly, I could write a book, but the only people who it would interest would be too cheap to buy it.

One piece of wisdom I can impart is my definition of a deal. The idea of a deal has evolved for me throughout the years. It used to mean anything that was a good price, then it morphed into anything that was a good brand and a good price. Currently at this stage of life, a good deal is defined as anything I need and/or will use that is a good price. So check out the deal I found today on the Deal of the Week page.

I want to know.....
What is the best deal you've gotten at a garage sale?


  1. I love that shirt you got. It looks fierce! Off the top of my head, the best deal I can think of is The Beatles Anthology CDs for $5. Or maybe the Puma tennis shoes for $1. But they weren't in that great of shape. But Puma is Puma.

  2. Both items sound like great buys. What did the Puma's look like? I'm selling my green and white ones in a garage sale next week- they are mega off-colored. GROSS. But as you said, Puma is Puma. I'm glad we share a mutual love for the brand of the big cat.

  3. They were white with some red and orange in them. I think they were boys shoes. But I am a proud size 5 in boys shoes! Saves me money in any non-garage sale shoe buying situation.

  4. lol, I tried on size 4 girls shoes at Target yesterday. Like mother like daughter.