Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Day at Daycare

The day has arrived.  I knew it would.  There was no avoiding it:  today James had his first full day at daycare.  A popular question people asked over break was, "What are you doing with James while you're at work?"  Some asked if I would be a stay-at-home mom, which was totally laughable since I would actually be a stay-at-box-under-the-bridge mom if I wasn't working.  Rather than move under a bridge or into a boxcar, we're taking him to a retired couple that live less than ten minutes from our house.  They watch babies until they are 2 years old, then they are 'aged-out' to daycare.  Including James, this couple will be watching four babies.  This couple was highly recommended by one of my coworkers who sent her son to them a few years ago.  They have said they'll treat James like he's one of their own grand kids and after seeing how much his grandparents love him, I feel good about him being with his babysitters.

He had a half-day yesterday.  Kyle dropped him off in the morning (I'm obviously not ready for that trauma), and I picked him up around noon.  We left him with a 4 oz. bottle, plenty of diapers, two changes of clothes,  wipes, and his pack'n'play.  You may notice one important item missing: the pacifier.  Oops!  The sitters kindly requested we bring one for him today.  They also were a little worried about the amount of milk we brought, remarking, "I was afraid I'd have to feed him a french fry if you didn't get here."  Double oops!  We're total rookies at this parenting thing; I'm thankful his babysitters know what they're doing!

Today we were able to make up for our mistakes- bringing a paci, bottles, and frozen milk.  Even though I knew he was in good hands, I couldn't help but miss him all day.  Hopefully this gets better! 
How could I not miss this face?
Another big change recently was beginning cloth diapering.  You may have noticed James is laying on fluff in the two month picture.  This big boy has used them for 4 days now and so far I love them.  They are adorable and produce so much less waste!  My eco-conscience is slowly returning, one cloth diapering at a time.  As an added bonus, his 'too big' pants are now 'just right' with all the added diaper bulk! 
He sure is growing up fast; we'll be taking him to college before we know it! : )

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  1. Haha I laughed out loud when reading your list for the'll figure it out, you guys are doing great and are great parents! James is a lucky little man. So good seeing you guys and meeting him! Can't wait to see him soon, cloth diaper booties are quite possibly my favorite thing ever. :) Enjoy!