Saturday, January 7, 2012

10 Little Monkeys

Now that James is smiling all the time, Kyle and I are better able to get an idea of his likes and dislikes.  Some of his dislikes include: being left alone awake in his crib at night, Bon Jovi, tummy time, being wet, having his arms swaddled, surprises, and being tired.  His likes are plentiful: eating, bouncing, white noise, kicking, sleeping, looking at dogs, riding in the Bjorn, bath time, faces, and the 10 Little Monkeys.

I discovered 10 Little Monkeys over break one day when Kyle was at work.  James was on our bed, resting against a pillow when I decided to sing to him.  During the " ____ little monkeys jumpin on the bed" part, I bounced the bed a little.
 Then when it came to "bumped his head," I put my hands around his face.
 Let me tell you- it's smile city.  His eyes light up, and he squeals with delight.  This makes 10 little monkeys my new favorite thing too!  I'd post a video of it, but then you'd hear me singing.

Here's some randomness: we think James will be right handed.  He is already so dominant with his right hand.  It's the hand he uses to hit dangly do-dads on his play gym.  It's also the one he brings to his face when he wants to suck on his fist.  Is it too early to call?  Maybe?  With about 90% of the population being right-handed, we at least have a good chance of being correct with our guess!

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  1. How did you discover the Bon Jovi situation?