Sunday, December 5, 2010


Is that? Could it be? SWEET POTATO PIE! Kyle whipped up this sweet potato pie almost from scratch (re: crust is store bought). He followed the Sweet Potato Pie recipe from his new cookbook and used his birthday sweet potato. First he cut up the beast of a potato and boiled it.
After the potatoes were soft enough- think mashed potato soft, he took a masher to the tatoes and voila- mashed sweet potatoes!!!
Then he FREAKED OUT because we were missing two of the ingredients, crystallized ginger and dried sweetened pineapple rings. After a panic attack, he drove to the store, got them, and came home. Then, panic attack take two: he put them in the food processor and instead of being diced into tiny pieces as the recipe suggested, they were mixed into a sticky mess. Enter: B to the rescue. I took the mixture off the crust, and we started over with the ginger and pineapple. This time actually cutting them into teeny tiny pieces. Here is a picture of 1/2 cup ginger and 1/2 dried sweetened pineapple spread along the bottom of the crust.
After the ginger and pineapple were in place, the sweet potato mixture was poured on top. The pie was put into the oven for 15 minutes without the crust covered, then 15 with it covered, and finally, it was time to put the marshmallows on. This is my favorite part because it's as close to decorating the pie as you can get! Then pie went into the oven for 20 more minutes. It came out with perfectly brown marshmallows (see beginning of the post). Impressive, huh?
The pie's been out of the oven for at least an hour, so, of course, I've already had a small piece. Before I give my review, I should say that I loathe ginger. From the moment I bit into a massive chunk of it at P.F. Changs when I was 14 and told my mom, "It tastes like I'm eating a candle," I have despised ginger. Now that you know my life story, I can say: the ginger ruined this pie. It was too strong and overpowered all of the other yummy tastes- pineapple, crust, sweet potato, lightly-browned marshmallow. I wish I could say I was able to appreciate those tastes, but no such luck. If Kyle would let be rip out this recipe from his book, I would. Maybe I could just go through the book and cross out the word "ginger" on every recipe?

Going to work out for the first time in a week- wish me luck!

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