Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Slow Down, James Eugene!

My heart raced as I left work this afternoon.  Walking out of school I ran into a few parents; I hoped they couldn't see the anticipation in my eyes.  I hurried to the car and zipped out of the parking lot.  My heart skipped a beat as I made it through two stoplights.  I whispered to myself, "I can't wait to see James."  It felt like Christmas morning.  My stomach filled with butterflies.  I just couldn't wait to see him.  He'd just turned in to an even bigger bundle of joy over the weekend and somehow I knew tonight would be special.

At the babysitters, James pointed at duck statues and exclaimed, "Duk!"  We took a trip to her basement to see Ruby, who is doing really well in her new home.  On the way out the door, Annie told me that she'd seen him let go of a chair and take a step or two.  "Oh, he did the same thing last night!" I said with pride.

James and I entered our house to a chorus of barking.  We went over to the kennels, and while I let the doxies outside, James stood holding onto a kennel.  As I closed the back door, I turned around to look back at him.  He was standing half way between the kennel and the kitchen table meaning one thing and one thing only- HE HAD WALKED!  "Oh my goodness, James Eugene, you can walk!" I exclaimed scooping him off the floor.  I immediately dialed Grandma B and told her the good news.  James meanwhile got up from his comfy reading chair and walked into the kitchen!  Holy cow!  He was really walking!  All the steps before were coerced by mom and dad, but these steps were all James.

When Kyle got home,  I gushed to him about the walking.  As first time parents, Kyle and I proceeded to spend the next hour video taping James walking, here, there, and everywhere.  Our house has never felt so small.  We're thinking about putting a track in the backyard.

My baby toddler is a walker!   He really is "SO BIG!"

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