Friday, May 25, 2012

Mirrors and Clapping

7-month-old James is too interesting for just one post.  He's got so much personality these days and has developed definite likes and dislikes.  

His likes include: petting the dogs, getting his picture taken, listening to songs, babbling, the pacifier, other babies, peek-a-boo, mirrors, flowers, birds, milk, solid food, banging spoons, putting everything in his mouth, standing, sucking/chewing on one finger, sitting, the iPhone, smiles
On the not-cool list:  clapping, being tired, being hungry, long car rides, sudden loud noises, strangers, laying on his back, being fed too slowly, garage sales(he did NOT get this from me...), being hot and sweaty, long rides in the stroller, having a dirty diaper
I hope to expand on James' 'like' list this summer as I will not be working!  I am officially a full-time mom until August 13.  Pretty cool that I get to go back to work on my birthday, huh?  We've got a lot to do this summer.  

First up: learn to play the piano!

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  1. Of course he's got Auntie J for the piano skills!!!