Sunday, April 8, 2012

First Easter

Easter is clearly James' favorite holiday.  This little guy smiled from morning until night.  He had a wonderful day celebrating Jesus' resurrection.   

We started the day worshiping at Good Shepard.  In true form, we got there about 2 minutes before service started, but were luckily able to snag seats.  James was wide awake the whole time and talked (sometimes very loudly) throughout the service.  I think he really enjoyed all of the singing and people!  After church, he took a break from the crowds before venturing over to my Aunt Kathy's house.  There he hung out with BCF, Aria.  They had a good discussion about politics, and respectfully agreed to disagree about this year's coming election. 
After debating Obama's foreign policy and Santorum's stance on immigration, James went on his first Easter egg hunt!  He found 5 hiding in a grill, another in the grass, two on cars, and one more resting peacefully on a fire hydrant.  Kyle helped James look through his loot.  The final count money: 25 cents, candy: lots.

 After that celebration, he headed home for a nap.  Upon waking, he was surprised to see the Easter bunny finally delivered his basket.  He was overjoyed about everything in the basket.  As I handed each thing to him, he cooed and then put it in his mouth.  

Soon it was time for another Easter egg hunt.  Go James, go!  Watch out for all the invisible babies and kids who will steal all the Easter eggs!  How come I never got to have an Easter egg hunt where I was the only kid?  #middlechildsyndrome
The night ended with a Mcfamily dinner and long drive back home to Columbia.  James is now resting peacefully in his crib dreaming of chocolate eggs and knitted roosters.  

Happy Easter!

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  1. So cute! Happy Easter James and family!